Below information is from Jessica Hines,

“At the Walmart on 8th street, they have 1$ clearance, wool blend boy socks. It is on an end cap in the boys clothes section. I think they are about 25%  wool. That is better than no wool at all and could be a good start for newer boys or even as back up socks. I thought Id throw the word out to you and maybe you can share to the parents…”

This may be a good deal if the rest of the sock blend is primarily synthetics (nylon, polyester, spandex, etc), which they probably are.  If the socks are 25% wool and 85% cotton, I’d not recommend them.  Cotton has a tendency to absorb moisture and cause blisters, and is very poor at insulating when wet.

This may be a good deal for new scouts looking to save $$.


BSA Troop 287


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