Attention New Scouts! Get Your Handbooks and Flash Cards

BSA Troop 287 —  February 11, 2015 — Leave a comment

Once again, Troop 287 warmly welcomes the new scouts and their families. This is an exciting time in a Scout’s career, but also a very busy, and maybe confusing time. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed right now, no worries. We’re all here to help and guide you through the process. We’re really glad your with us in the troop and the boys have a bright and fun Scouting future in store for them.

To that effect, there are several first MUST DOs for your Scout:

1. Get the BSA Scout Handbook

This is your Scout’s official rank advancement document. They’ll need this as soon as possible to start advancements in Scouts. Also note that there’s a section on Scouting Safety at the front of the handbook for parents to read. Please take the time to read it and go over it with your Scout. You can purchase the Scout Handbook at the Scout Store.

Your Scout will have this book throughout their Scouting career all the way to Eagle Scout. It’s worth purchasing the nicer book and a cover for it. They should bring their books to and from EVERY scout meeting.

2. Download, Print, and Make the Flash Cards

We’ve created our own version of study flash cards to help Scouts prepare and study for rank advancement. These cards aren’t official BSA materials, but we’ve found them to be quite handy. We work really hard to make sure your Scout knows and internalizes their stuff.

At last week’s meeting on February 10th, the Scouts got a start on their cards. Make sure they finish them at home. You can download the cards and get the instructions on how to make them here:

Download Flash Cards

3. Get BSA Uniforms and Patches

New scouts are provided a troop kerchief, slide, epaulettes (loops), and troop number. If you don’t have yours yet, please talk to one of the Scoutmasters. If they already had a tan scout shirt from Webelos, they can continue to use that shirt, but need to change out the patches. Instead of the Arrow of Light patch, there is an Arrow of Light patch they can wear below their scout rank. You can ask about that patch and get Boy Scout uniforms at the Scout Store (located on Fillmore, by the Waffle House, on the big hill between I-25 and Mesa Road.)

A Scout belt, hat, and other stuff is NOT required. Nice to have, but not required.

So, if you already had the tan shirt from Webelos with the Pikes Peak Council patch on it, then all you’ll need to purchase is the Arrow of Light patch (rectangular in shape). The troop will provide you the green loops (to replace the blue loops), troop numbers, kerchief, and slide. There is information in the Scout Handbook on where the patches are to be sewn on.

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