August 2013 Committee Meeting Minutes

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Troop 287 Committee Meeting Notes

August 13, 2013

Discussion Items

Welcome – Jen J, Keith M, Joyce M, Kathy K., Dan R., Tom S, Jim Brinkman. , Sandy Johnston

Approval of Minutes

            Kathy approved the July minutes. Jen seconded.

Flags Discussion

Kathy distributed the new sign up sheet.

Jen will create a document with guidelines for approval.

  • Limit the boys to 8 with a wait list
  • SPL will call 2 nights before to confirm boys and drivers.
  • Wait list boys will have the first opportunity to sign up for the next time
  • SIgn up will be finalized the Tuesday before holiday
  • Sheet will go out 3 Tuesday’s before the holiday
  • Boys that don’t show up will get a call that morning.

It was suggested that we can add the sign up sheet on website

Kathy will post the next two holidays

            Sean, Kathy and Sandy are working out the new routes to more evenly divide time it takes.

            Joyce suggested we look at the activities that boys are participating at the time of board of review. The committee will relook at the policies and procedures and see if this is being addressed already or needs to be added. Flag coordinator should track this for the flags.  They will check off people when they arrive.

            The committee needs to check the inventory of fliers to see if we need to order more. It was suggested that the each driver carry some fliers. Kathy suggested we put the sign out again. Jen will display at her house on Labor Day

Scholarship Application

            Kathy handed out the scholarship guidelines and the application. Treasurer will verify that the funds are being used for proper activities. The application will go to Scout master and then passed to committee chair. Committee chair will distribute via email to approval or discussion at next meeting.

            Suggestions for revision were made.  Joyce approved the approval application pending changes that Kathy makes. Sandy seconded. Kathy will announce at the COH. Applications open immediately.

Scoutmaster Report  – not present

Treasurer’s Report  – Kathy

            Kathy met with Rotary. The troop has received payment from flags. We took a hit with the two missed holidays last year.  This will be ok with approved budget but we will be cautious with expenditures.  Jen approved the budget. Dan seconded.

            Jim suggested we do a fundraiser that would donate $5 for houses that burned in Mountain Shadows and Black Forest in the Veteran’s Day parade. Kathy will see if this is possible.

            Joyce suggested we march in more parades. We can bring this up to the boys. Perhaps the Coronado homecoming parade in October.

Advancements Report – Joyce

            There will be a lot of advancements at the next COH. Some board of reviews last week, some this week. Not as much activity as in the past. Jim suggested making phone calls to scouts that are not showing up. Kathy and Jen were both present at Stephan’s Eagle conference.

            There was discussion around setting up an Eagle Alumni cookout.

August COH– August 20

  • Joyce reviewed program.
  • Kathy will do treasurer’s report
  • Kathy will find out about the slideshow. Consult with scoutmaster.
  • Jen will do a parent volunteer plea. She will create a list to post on website.
  • Jim will be stepping up as Asst Scoutmaster. He will do a presentation of his 48 state bicycling tour will be done with the troop at some point
  • Jen will get stuff ice cream and supplies
  • Kathy will get cake

Other – None

Next Meeting – September 10, 6:30PM

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