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Game Night: NINJA GYM!

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15 Best Ninja Movies Ever Made | ScreenRant


Next Tuesday is the long awaited game night. We will meet up at the Altitude Ninja Gym. Please RSVP so we can track how many Scouts are coming. Family members are welcome as well, just make sure they are counted in your RSVP. On the gym’s website, you can pre-fill out a waiver or just do it when you arrive (link is below).

Cost is $15/person.


750 Garden of the Gods Road
Suite 125, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

I think it would be cool if everyone dressed up as their favorite Ninja!

LEGO® NINJAGO® La Película: Video Game

See you Tuesday! Dont forget to sign up for flags on Veterans Day! Also, we will be (hopefully) walking with the local branch of the Special Forces association in the parade, along some of our Country’s bravest Warriors.

More on that stuff later!



I forgot to remind you guys that this week is uniform inspection since last week was campout prep. My apologies for the late reminder, it slipped my mind when I was making yesterday’s post.

Anyway, look good tonight!


Tomorrow night switch up.

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It is getting too dark during our scheduled meeting time to conduct games and stuff outside, and we didn’t have a plan for an alternate location for this week’s game night. Therefore, we will be having our regular meeting tomorrow night at the barn to discuss next year’s annual plan of Scouting.

This will include a brainstorming session for:

Merit Badges: what do you want to do within the troop as far as merit badges

Camping trips: what type of trips do you want to do? loop hikes, wilderness survival (minimalist type of camping), 14ers, through hikes, Family camps, etc.

Activities: game night wish list (big ticket items like Battlefield, Axe Throwing, Overdrive, or any other event that would require a reservation)

The BIG ONE: Where we are going to Sumer camp!

Make sure you bring all your ideas, nothing is really off the table, but will be limited to what we as adults can support (no Alaska trips and stuff like that).

We will also discuss our 2022 Philmont Trip, which is scheduled for 8-20 Jun 22. We may need to schedule Summer Camp around that timeframe for those who would like to attend both.

See you tomorrow night.



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Below are a few events to look out for:

Scout night at the AFA: Let the rest of the troop know if you plan on attending and camping at the AFA game, we can have a fun time tailgating prior to the game and all that! I know my family is planning to attend, and we are dragging our trailer up there too.

Purchase tickets here:

A few other MB opportunities. Check out the Council calendar for additional details. If you are interested in these, let me know and I will get you a Blue Card for them.





DDM update:

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Currently we have five Scouts signed up to go on the DDM this weekend. According to our Troop’s historical practices, we need at a minimum of six Scouts to conduct an event. Therefore we are going to postpone (as a Scout sanctioned activity) this weekend’s campout. This postponement of course does not change the fact that camping can proceed, it just won’t be a Scout camp. Since this was planned as a Family oriented camp, please feel free to go forth and camp out down there, or wherever you feel like.

There have been other concerns raised as well, like the weather down there (102-104 degrees) during the day and hiking in those temps is certainly a concern for safety. So if you go, take extra water.

Anyway, I would like to reschedule this trip to maybe next weekend, or possibly even November (when it will not be so dang hot!). Anyway, we can discuss at next week’s meeting (which will proceed as a scheduled game night-SPL: what are we doing for game night?).

If anyone would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.


In case you are interested in going down there, here is the data we were going to use for our campsite and hike:

Campsite location was at/near the Withers Canyon Trailhead.

The Hike was to follow the Withers Canyon Trail down to the Purgatory River and then south along the river to the Dino Tracks, there is an old Mission with a graveyard down there as well we were going to check out.

Google Map to destination (or type Withers Canyon Trailhead into Google maps as a destination):,+Colorado+Springs,+CO+80919/Withers+Canyon+Trailhead,+La+Junta,+CO+81050/@38.2902276,-104.7816551,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x871351eca14a0ee5:0x6960917c224dd986!2m2!1d-104.8677408!2d38.9269429!1m5!1m1!1s0x8711e2f46bc01901:0xbaa0a8bc5818af48!2m2!1d-103.571494!2d37.6596848

Alternative date for DDM?

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If there isn’t enough support for the trip this weekend, we could postpone it to next weekend (Sept 17th). Just a thought to throw out there. I’m open to the discussion.


Troop, as of right now there are only four scouts signed up for the campout this weekend. We need at least six for an event to take place. I’ll put a deadline of tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 7pm for any additional sign ups. (Use the previously published signup genius link) If we don’t get the numbers by then, we will cancel the campout. This will eliminate last minute scrambling to get stuff purchased for the right amount of attendees and stuff.



This past week, Mr. Anderson has added his skill set to the roster of Merit Badge Counselors!

These additional badges are a welcome addition to what we have and include a few Eagle Required (ER) badges we were missing in our kit for the past year or so.

Here is Mr. Anderson’s list, some of which will be incorporated into next year’s plan:

Citizenship in the Nation (ER)
Citizenship in the World (ER)
Cycling (ER)
Family Life (ER)
Hiking (ER)
Personal Fitness (ER)

If you are interested in any of these badges, please coordinate with Mr. Anderson directly. Of course, you will need a Blue Card from me prior to starting.

Also, we need a couple more Scouts and Navigators for Flags this coming Labor Day (Monday), so please sign up!

There will be donuts!


Merit Badges available:

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Over the summer, the Pikes Peak Council did some shifting of their data on some systems and such. In addition, on 1 August, the Pikes Peak Council merged with the Rocky Mountain Council (in Pueblo) to become the Rock Mountain-Pikes Peak Council. They are still working on what to call it, but for now, it is the Rocky Mountain-Pikes Peak Council (creative, I know).

Anyway, log story long, nearly all of our troop based MB counselors were deleted from the system. Mrs. Winslow and Mrs. Hughes were the only surviving registered MB counselors for our troop. I was able to put my application back in to get a few selections done for you guys.

Here is what we have available as far as MB Counselors in the troop:

Mrs. Winslow:
Environmental Science

Mrs. Hughes:

Mr McGuire:
Automotive Maintenance
Emergency Preparation
First Aid
Home Repairs
Personal Fitness
Public Speaking
Wilderness Survival

There are a few other adult leaders who will be dropping some applications to be counselors, so if you Scouts want something in particular to be offered within the troop, please let us know! We can work it out and get someone qualified.

Also, if you are a parent who has a certain skill set that can be applied to MB offerings, please consider volunteering to be a MB Counselor, it is free, and you get to teach a valuable skill to a bunch of Scouts! Just need an adult leader application, BSA YPT completed, and the background verification document for Colorado. I can give you these or you can download them from the Council website.

Next Week is Campout prep for Dino Death March. Bring ideas for a patrol dessert cook-off.


Dino Scout, Me, Pen and Marker, 2019: Art


Here is the sign up for the Dino Death March. It really isn’t that bad from what I hear (I’ve not actually been down there).

This is a FAMILY CAMP for the troop, so everyone is invited. Next week 3 Sep will be the planning for this trip.

I would like to see some inter-patrol competition on this trip as far as meals go. I know it has been a while since we have done that, but since we are going to be out in the middle of nowhere, lets bring it back.

Alright, also, make sure you sign up for Flags this coming Monday! When I checked last night, there were only a couple Scouts signed up. You’ll get $60-65 in your Scout account for doing it. Plus, I bring donuts.

Talk to you tonight!



If you have visited the website in the past few days, you will have noticed a couple of changes.

  1. The troop calendar is back up and running. There is a link in the top banner for it, so check it out and you can plan accordingly! Also, on the right side, the next three troop events (from the calendar) are posted. So, a quick look there will give you an idea of what is coming up.
  2. The troop photos are back up and running. Since they were off-line for quite a while, there aren’t too many “recent” photos in there. I will work on posting the ones I have so you can have access to them.

Merit Badge night! Mrs. Winslow is continuing the Environmental Science badge this week. If you already have it, we will work on other Scout related items. If you are working with Mrs. Winslow, make sure you are prepared for the session with your worksheet and/or whatever has been assigned.

LABOR DAY FLAGS is just about upon us! If you have not signed up, please do so and make sure you get to bank a little cash for your Scouting activities!

Talk to you all on Tuesday!


Hello Boy Scouts! 

I am looking forward to continuing the Environmental Science badge with you this coming Tuesday (8/31).  I know this badge is very “school-y” but it is eagle required and I think you’ll be much happier if you do it as a group than on your own!  Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

·         If you were at the first meeting please try to have the booklet filled out (pages 1-4) and bring your completed “Help Wanted” poster.  If you have completed step 4 (choose an outdoor study area) great, but if not we can talk more about it on Tuesday.

·         If you missed the first meeting but would like to complete this badge with us please email me right away.  I can tell you how to complete the experiment we did together (page 8) and get you all caught up.

If you need a reading booklet please let me know.  I have 2 that I can arrange to get to you or you can download a digital version from the scout store for $5.

I’m here for questions!

Jenine Winslow


Merit Badge Workbook:

Court of Honor Time!

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This week we have our COH. It is an Ice Cream Social. The programs will be handed out at the beginning of the awards ceremony as guests pile into the sanctuary.

Here is the timeline:

5:30pm: set up begins. We will be serving and eating the ice cream outside the main sanctuary doors. So, we will need a couple of tables to be set up to serve from and a bunch of chairs for everyone to sit on in that area.

6pm: Serving and eating of Ice Cream, followed up by cleanup and stowing all the tables and chairs. This will not be self serve. We will have designated people to serve the ice cream and toppings. All that COVID safe fun stuff.

7pm: Begin Awards Ceremony and the slide show.

8pm: cleanup and go home!

Younger Scouts: Be prepared to be part of the Flag team this week. The ASPL/SPL will make sure you get that requirement, if you don’t already have it. There is no excuse of “I don’t want to” or “I already have that one.” It is an honor to be part of the flag team/color guard/etc.

Uniform is Class A Field Uniform with your sash (if you have one), Order of the Arrow guys should bring both sashes, in case you want to wear it.

See you Tuesday!



This week is kind of an extra (5th meeting) in the month, since we pushed our MB night to the end of the month. Anyway, this week holds the Committee Meeting, which I will be in attendance beginning at 7:15 or so; hopefully, you Scouts will be able to work on what is listed below.

I know we have a couple of Boards of Review, which will likely take place at the end of the Committee Meeting tomorrow night, so if you need one, please stick around for that. I think AP and JH need one, not sure about others, since my memory is shot and I can’t recall. Anyway, if you need one, let me know as soon as you arrive and I can let Mrs. Durrenberger know (she is the one who sets them up).

If you need a SM conference (AP) I will be available at the church early (like 6:30 or so). MK, if you documented your fitness stuff, I think you will be ready for an SMC, then a BOR.

For the meeting itself, Scout skills. Yup, I would like to focus on First Aid skills (especially for the lower ranking Scouts) and then pioneering (knots and lashings). No need to construct a shelter, lets look at something first aid related: stretchers, seats, etc. Any Scout who is skilled in these requirements (Star and Life) can sign off in the individual Scout books as the FIRST Scout initials. I would like the SPL or ASPL to do the final sign off prior to adult leader signing (ANY ASM can sign off guys, not just me!!).

Anyway, if you have any pics for the COH next week, get them to Mr. Holpuch, or drop them in the folder (Dropbox) listed below. I think it will work. If not, email/text them to Mr. Holpuch.

See you tomorrow night!



I know in a previous post, the schedule did not have us having a game night until next week, but we had to shift a few things around due to availability and some adulting stuff.

So here is the deal: We will be heading over to Lost Island Mini Golf this Tuesday for our Game night. I will not be there since I have to be up in Boulder all day on Wednesday (just me-Geren will be there Tuesday), and will leave Tuesday afternoon as a result.

Tuesday night at 7pm: Meet out front of Office so we can all check in together.

Here is the website if you want to take a look.

The follow up merit badge session that we were going to have this coming week is getting moved to the 31st (again-availability and scheduling conflicts).

Thanks for being flexible guys!

As for the follow up to the merit badge, here is some info from Mrs. Winslow:

For everyone working on the Environmental Science Merit Badge with me: How are your ecocolumns looking?  Alex has quite a bean stalk growing and the snails are still happily wandering around in there (well I guess I can’t really be sure they’re happy, but I like to think they are).  If you checked out a booklet, please finish filling out your questions and return the booklet to the troop on Tuesday.  If you have not had a chance to check out a reading booklet yet there should be one available this week.  Alternatively you can download an electronic version from the scout shop for $5.  
If you missed the first meeting about this badge and would like to participate just let me know and I can walk you through what you missed.  I will be meeting with the troop on the 31st to go through the second half of the badge.  If this is a badge you are working on please try to be there and bring your “Wanted” posters to show us!
For requirement #4 in the workbook: you have an option of working on this now (before you get really busy with school), or later.  I will go over it more when we meet on the 31st, however the instructions are pretty clear so you’re welcome to do it on your own too.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Jenine Winslow: 619-607-1647

The Hike was pretty cool this past weekend. We got a total of 15.8 miles (2.6 on each on Friday and Sunday, and 10.6 miles on Saturday) and gained 3698 feet in elevation. Which is good for the Hiking MB. Make sure you log the hikes in your books!!



We had to do a bit of a camp/hike location change from the Cheeseman Reservoir since you can’t camp near the reservoir itself. No worries, since we have AllTrails which helps us find some really cool places, like the Tarryall area.

Below you will find our planned route for this weekend, which you can download and print out, or load into your hand dandy GPS units/phones, etc. for use this weekend.

Here is the plan:

We will link up at the Barn at 5pm and head out from there after cross loading Scouts and equipment. It is a 90 minute drive according to the Google Maps. That will put us there around 6:30pm or so (given traffic) and allow us nearly 2 hours time to hike in and set up camp somewhere in the back country. We will use the Signup genius as a roster, which means if you want to go, please sign up so we know to track you (in case you are late).

We can do a couple of things this weekend. 1) the map above is a 14.2 mile lollypop loop if we want to do the whole thing. 2) We can hike in a couple miles, get a few miles in on Saturday and hike out a couple miles on Sunday. It is all up to the Scout Leadership that attends this weekend. Younger Scouts: there is a 5 mile hike requirement for TF i believe. Hiking MB has a 5, three 10 milers, and a 15 miler (to be done in order) and then a 20 miler.

We can park at/near the Spruce Grove Campground just a bit up Tarryall Road.

BSA guidelines still have us in single person tents/hammocks, etc. and packing individual meals. That is such a bummer since I miss those days when we had intra-patrol cook offs. We will get back into that soon enough.

So for meals, you will need something for Friday night, BLD on Saturday and B on Sunday. Plus snacks-of course.

So, pack your stuff for two nights, bring enough water (at least 2 Nalgene size bottles) like always. Map recon suggests there is water along the way, but we will pack enough just to be sure in case there isn’t much out there. Which means, we will likely refill where we can from streams or puddles, or something like that. And for al that is kind in the world, please pack deodorant.

If you want to bring a hammock, great! If you need a hammock, tent, stove, backpack, or any other gear, let me know and we will hook you up. The troop has hammocks, Jet boils, tents, etc. so there will be no one that needs anything. The weather looks to be supportive of sleeping under the stars without a tent, so you can do that too (my plan).

If you are planning on doing something for a merit badge, do your research (AW-this is for you and the Wild Surv badge) and be ready for it (10 essentials is a must on all of our trips!!)

Dress accordingly for the weather! This is what it looks to be this weekend up near Lake George, which is pretty much the closest data we can get.

See you all on Friday!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please give me a shout via call or text. My email doesnt get read as often as it should! 228-8O6-9O63.


Scouts and families,
Our August outdoor adventure opportunity will be next weekend, August 6th-8th. We will do a loop or out-and-back backpacking campout in the Cheesman Canyon area, near deckers.

Please sign up!

More details to follow at the Tuesday planning meeting including:
* Backpacking route
* Transportation
* Tents or Hammocks
* Meal plan
* Recommended gear, etc.


We made it back safe and sound from our month long road trip and we are eager to get back to Scouting!

This month brings us a new school year and some busy times, so we are going to get our camping done early.

This weekend (Aug 6-8) is our next scheduled campout. Which means we are planning this week (Aug 3) for that event. More to follow on that out and back hike near Cheeseman Reservoir this week.

Here is how this week’s meeting will work: Opening, uniform inspection, then campout planning. I’ve got a few SMC’s to knock out as well, so we will get into it and stay on task as much as we can.

Next week should be game night (pushing to the 17th), but we have the COH this month, but it isn’t until the 24th. This means we have a few more weeks to get rank and MB requirements completed before getting awarded!!

Next week (Aug 10) we can schedule the follow up to last months MB class, which really seemed awesome, I’m sad to have missed it.

The 17th we can get to our game night, which will be a good thing since many of you guys are starting school that week, and may need a stress relief session. Need some ideas of what you all want to do – Battlefield is closed during the week.

The 24th is our COH, which is usually an Ice Cream Social. Troop is buying all the supplies, we will need to know if there are any dietary concerns (nuts, dairy, etc.)

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of our Troop, so there may be a few more items to talk about during the program and all that. More on that later. (possibly pushed to the Nov COH as that one is more celebratory in nature (T-day and all).

Scribe: You’ve got a lot of work to do on the slideshow and program. The SPL usually runs with the program, so make sure you are coordinating with him on it. Lots of MBs and rank ADVs, plus OA inductions to be mentioned in the program and recognized at the ceremony.

If you all have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.


Hi Scouts,

I am planning the Dart Wars game night you selected last week and they have an event, Humans vs Zombies Tuesday night that requires an RSVP. Please sign up and I will call in the head count Monday night, and will check the sign up again Tuesday morning.

The cost is $16.50 per person. You can bring cash or use your scout account. Siblings (10yr and over), Adults, and friends are welcome to join us. Wear your Class B troop shirt.

More info from Dart Wars:
Humans Vs. Zombies (HVZ) Night (July 27th) – RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Jul 27, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Dart Wars, 5850 Championship View, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, USA

Hi Scouts,

Tonight is merit badge night and we will have Mrs. Winslow teaching the Environmental Science badge. This is an eagle required badge and is not typically offered with in the troop. There will be hands on experiments and other cool science stuff tonight.

Note: Please try to catch a pill pug (i.e. rolly polly) and bring it to the meeting in a jar.

More on pill pugs: