Calling All Parents! … About Family Life Merit Badge

BSA Troop 287 —  September 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Troop 287 Parents–

family-life-merit-badgeThe boys should be working on their workbooks, chore sheets and projects for Family Life. At last week’s meeting, we covered everything we needed to as a group in order for them to move forward and complete this Eagle-required merit badge.  As a reminder, they need to do the following:

1) complete and track several chores for 90 days and submit evidence of this to me (there is a chart provided in their workbook)
2) complete an individual project at home with my approval (such as cooking a meal, washing the car, etc.)
3) complete a family project at home with my approval (a more significant project, like cleaning out the garage, painting a fence, etc., and involving the entire family)
4) facilitate a family meeting to discuss several required items listed in their workbook (including using drugs, technology, puberty, manners, etc.)
5) complete the entire workbook using the copy of the merit badge book I gave them and hand it in to me for approval.

They can and should wrap up items 2-5 as soon as possible.  I would encourage all of them to do that in October.  We will not have a separate meeting time dedicated to that.  They should just find me whenever they can at a meeting and turn in their workbook.  I will get it back to them as soon as I have had a chance to review it.

That way we are only waiting on the chore list to be completed and handed in to finish the merit badge.  The earliest we can do that will be November 13 (if they started their chores on August 14 when we began the merit badge).

I appreciate your support with this merit badge.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Gina Swanson

BSA Troop 287


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