Camping trip! Yup, ’bout time!

Dan McGuire —  September 4, 2020 — Leave a comment
Yup, the Jake will be in attendance!

Troop, We are looking to take our first camping trip in a looooong time as a Troop. We are looking at 18-20 September. Hammock camping, so we are within COVID guidelines not to share tents. Everyone will also have to source, package, and carry their own food and water (meals and such will be decided in the camp prep meeting, but individuals will have to source their own stuff. (Make sure you annotate what requirements you’ve completed for Rank ADV).

More COVID restrictions: We are not allowed to transport people who are not part of our family unit. Which means, parents have to transport their Scouts to this event and pick them up afterwards. Even with the signed waivers, and if you agree to take someone else’s Scout (not allowed). The SP (start point) is about 45-60 minutes from the church. This weekend I will reconnoiter the route and time it for you and provide feedback, so families can plan accordingly.

We are planning on having the drop off at the Crag’s Campground (or at least the turn off from HWY 67 to the campground-specifics later). Gear check and hike in from there on Friday night around 6pm. Hike starting no later than 6:30pm (once attendance is completed). We will hike a couple miles and [the Scouts will] find a spot to camp (in hammocks), then the next day (Saturday) we will hike and work Scout skills (orienteering, land navigation, camp craft, etc.). We [the Scouts] will find another camp location for the night. Sunday morning we will return to our start point for pick up prior to 10am.

The link below is to the PDF of the route we will be taking. It begins and ends near the Crag’s campground.

The loop is a 7.2 mile loop, moderate trail, so each day will be pretty easy going. That is the distance, not including from HWY 67 to the trail head.

More information to follow for this trip during the week’s meeting prior. That will definitely be an in-depth camp prep meeting – first time campers with the troop need to bring their gear for verification. 10 essentials is a requirement, as well as weather-dependent gear (proper rated sleeping system, etc.) If a Scout is in need, we have a lot of gear to lend, so no one will go without what they need to be comfortable, or at least survive.

Below I am trying out an RSVP system through this website. We will see how it works. If this isn’t working, then we will switch back to sign-up genius. Please, when signing up, let me know if you need a hammock. I will source some for those in need.

Talk to you Tuesday,


Dan McGuire


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