Campout and COH Prep (Voting too)!

Dan McGuire —  November 8, 2020 — Leave a comment


Last week, you all touched on prepping for this weekend’s Quartermaster/Lazy Camp at the barn.

Here is the Scoop: COVID is a bunch of disruptive business. It pushed us back into the digital meetings, but still allows us to camp together as a Troop (under 25 attendees), which means we are good to move forward and have our Lazy Camp this weekend (13-15 Nov). Here is the sign up genius:

Here is the deal for this campout: We need a couple of adults to sign up and be there for the weeknd. I have a client coming in from out of town, so I will be out of the net for most of Saturday. Need some help on this one! Otherwise, we will have to cancel it.

Leading from the campout which is scheduled from Friday night until Sunday morning aroudn 10, we will roll directly into our Court Of Honor.

Details on the COH:

This is our first one since February. We will have quite a few Rank Advancements and Merit Badges that have been earned. We need to get these Scouts recognized for their efforts. Don’t worry boys, your rank is recorded as the day of your SMC (Scout rank) or your BOR (TF-Life).

We will have some light refreshments, ranks, awards, and new leadership which will be voted on by the Scouts. I will have voting sheets available for every Scout in the troop to cast a vote. I will collect the sheets and make count the votes. If there needs to be a run-off, we will cross that bridge when it comes to that.

Details on Voting:

Here is the deal on voting and postitions: If you are running for SPL or ASPL you need to be 1CL or higher. For PL or any other postion, I prefer TF or higher. It takes a bit of experience to lead, but you can’t gain experience without trying, and with the size and makeup of our troop, you get experience by leading your peers. So, the kids with the most direct leadership contact (PL) should be younger and can be in the First Four Ranks.

I like the Soft Leadership (Scribe, Histroian, Quartermaster, etc.) to be anyone who wants to volunteer for that position.

Anyway, too much rambling for one night. I will send another message as the week progresses.


Dan McGuire


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