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Troop 287 Committee Meeting Notes

February 11, 2014


Discussion Items


Attendance: Kathy, Keith, Sandy, Jen, Joyce


Approval of Minutes – Kathy motion to approve, Sandy second

Scoutmaster Report –

  • Freeze-or-ree – 11 scouts attending, 8 stations run by cadets, Scouts received woodles for completing stations when they competed stations. Team competitions, survival shelter building commended, hiked a lot. A good time was had by all. Big brown tent blew over the trailer. Damaged the trailer – will try to repair this weekend. May need to replace poles for the tent. Rain flies may also need to be replaced. May need to replace camporee tents. Will sleep 3-4 boys and tall enough to stand in. Have 5 that are usable and 4 that are questionable. Boys will do inventory at the lock-in in April. Scoutmaster box broke and will need to be repaired.
  • 7 boys interested in skiing – February 22 or March 1
  • April will do lock-in.
  • July need an adult for summer camp. COH need to talk about this. Scouts can use scholarship funds to attend
  • Report on what makes Philmont “special”.  Keith will be doing meetings to discuss this. June 10-22. May need parents to volunteer to take Scouts.

Advancements Report – Jessie 61st Eagle  –

Treasurer’s Report  Kathy  –

  • Little activity to report.
  • Moved all abandoned funds into the scholarship fund.
  • Summer camp is in deficient because troop made payment and boys haven’t paid up. February COH will require payment of troop dues.
  • Jen motion to approve. Joyce seconded

Kathy will be leaving in June so we will need replacements

  • Treasurer
  • Camp Coordinator
  • Flag person
  • Fundraiser Coordinator

COH Planning – February 18 –

  • Joyce will do program.
  • Tom will do recap Scout Sunday.
  • Dan Mardis will be invited to do the Friends of Scouting campaign and the Recharter
  • Christian will MC.
  • Instead of canned goods families need to bring diapers.

Joyce asked about the troop Directory. Jen will talk with Andrea about latest version and/or will look for latest version.

Mulch Fundraiser – Kathy presented information on the mulch fundraiser. We need to decide on the process. Collect orders, plan for delivery, and putting in. Must participate in all 3 to receive funds. Will bring this up at the COH with sign-up for boys and parents who want to participate. Kathy will contact nursery to get us to sponsor this activity by bagging. Will keep us up to date.

Joyce suggested having magnetic signs to put on vehicles as we are doing the fundraising. Committee will look into this further

Camp cards – February 27 – April 14 timeframe for selling. Kathy will bring this up at COH and will have a sign up sheet at COH. Boys make 2.50 per card.

Next .Meeting – Tuesday March 18  – 6:30PM

Troop 287 Committee Meeting

January 14, 2014


Discussion Notes



Approval of Minutes – not posted. Jen will check with Andrea about minutes

Scoutmaster report

  • Freeze-o-ree Air Force Academy– Feb 7-8, Must sign up by Jan 20
  • Finishing up Citizenship in the Nation
  • Mr. Woodard will be starting Aviation Merit Badge
  • Venture crew in not rechartering this year
  • March – no activity planned
    • Soup Kitchen
    • April – Spring backpacking trip
    • May – Possible lock-in
    • June – possible backpacking
    • September  – Fall camporee
    • August – Camp A. Possible shooting weekend in August
    • October – Climbing at Fort Carson
    • Older boys will be gone at Philmont over flag day
    • Will start planning meetings for Philmont. Kieth will check with boys to schedule.

It was suggested that the troop reimburse adults for providing transportation to events. This could be divided up between boys who are attending. Will discuss further.

New PLC elections coming up.

Advancements Report. Joyce –

  • Stephan and Jessie Court on Honor coming up.
  • Joyce will update the plaque at the church to include all those that had gotten eagle from troop 287. Committee agrees that missing scouts should all be included.


Treasurer’s Report . Kathy. Approved by Joyce. Seconded by Jen

Scholarship fund – funded with scout accounts that have been inactive. Will promote to the adults to donate to the account. Kathy will bring this up at the next COH. The committee agreed that the emergency fund should also be put into the scholarship fund.

Troop Recharter Update. Kathy.

16 scouts/10 adult leaders. Kathy has it ready to go but would like proofread of it before submitting. Due January 15.

COH Planning

  • February 18. Chili Cook-off. Set-up at 5:30
  • Joyce will check to see if a boy should be do reminder/program as part of communication.
  • Committee will supply cheese, corn bread, sour cream, onion, crackers, plates/bowls cups.
  • Jen and Sandy will make corn bread. Kathy will get other supplies and veggie tray. Joyce will order cake.
  • Joyce will check with Keith about theme.
  • Joyce will check about prizes and Kathy will do certificates

Flag update – Sandy.

Kathy and Sandy met with Rotary club. Rotary will be advertising to increase membership. Max will be doing phone calls to people that don’t have email access. Membership currently at 250 – goal is to increase to 300. Rotary is replacing current issues and will fix the flags. Rotary pays for caps and door hangers so will reimburse us for those.  Flag information will be on the back of the insert for the COH flier.

Mulch fundraiser. Kathy.

Rocky Mountain landscapers (Jared Martin) are willing to give the troop a discount and work with troop on deliveries.  Scouts can take orders and can apply the mulch if wanted. RM can deliver 35 cubic yards for $65. Troop could build a box of the right size and fill bags based on correct amount. May need to have customers sign a waiver. Need to check on specifics (fire danger) of the mulch with homeowners association. The committee will ask Keith to bring this up with the troop. Tabled for the February meeting.

Next Meeting – Tuesday February 11  – 6:30PM

Adjournment – 7:45.

Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2013


Present were:  Jen Jirous, Kathy Kaelin, Joyce Moore, Sandy Johnston, Tom Sharp and Keith Moore

Approval of Minutes:  Kathy noted corrections – the title needs to be changed to October not November, and the last entry should be – December committee will concentrate on Policy and Procedure Manual and the Budget for 2014.  Joyce moved to accept the minutes as modified,  Jen Seconded – all voted in favor.      

Scoutmaster Report: Keith handed out the modified Annual Report with a list of additional Merit Badges the boys would like to do.  The committee voted to approve the activities in the Annual Report but not the Merit Badges until they are scheduled.   

Keith also reported that the Knot Patrol met and asked for more parent involvement in the troop.  With only 4 Asst Scoutmasters covering events with two leaders is becoming a problem.  On last two campouts we had a parent volunteer attend as the second adult.  This worked out very well.  The committee will make a signup sheet for the Activities on the Year Plan and ask parents to volunteer.  This will include Flags Holiday sign-ups.  Kathy will lay out the signup sheet – Keith will print it in Poster size and have ready for the COH next week. 

Advancements Report:  Joyce made a motion that for all Eagles the troop would provide – Eagle Kit – Standard – Cost $26.99 and the Eagle Neckerchief and Slide – Cost $22.98 – Total Cost Approximately  $50.00 – Jen made a motion to Approve – Kathy seconded and all voted in favor.    We have two Eagle COH coming up – Michel Swanson – November 24th  and Stefan Rodriguez – January 26th.  Joyce attended the Eagle Fledgling Class – Said it was very informative. 

Treasurer Report:  Kathy handed out the Treasurer Report.  We are still within budget.  There is $330.00 in the Flag Account we can use to bring the Income up to the necessary level to cover actual expenses.  This will be determined on the final Financial Statement for 2013.  Jen moved to approve the Treasurer Report for November – Sandy seconded – all voted in favor.      

Parent Involvement Discussion:   Kathy will take the Yearly Calendar and make a Sign-up Sheet for Leaders and Volunteers.  Keith will print it poster size and bring it to the COH next week.  Sandy will staff that table and work on getting Parent Volunteers for the activities for the next year. 

Kathy will make a second Sign-Up Sheet for the Merit Badges the boys would like to do.  We will need people who have experience or interest in those areas to become Merit Badge Counselors.  That will be avail for the Parents as well. 

Sandy will also have a sign-up sheet for the Troop Website.  She has volunteered to put in the email addresses for the families that want to receive that information in their emails. 

COH Planning – November 19th:  Joyce will do the Flyer for the COH.  Canned Goods for Care and Share will be the Admission Fee for the COH.  Families will be asked to bring Sides and Salads.  Set-up – 5:30pm – Dinner 6:00pm – COH 7:00pm.

Turkeys – Joyce and Kathy

Dressing – Kathy

Mashed Potatoes – Sandy

Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Rolls, Butter – Jen

Cake – Joyce

Tom will find out how we can do a video slide show of pictures from Summer Camp, Sea Base and other activities the boys have participated in.  He will get the format to Kathy so she can download the pictures. 

Kathy will be collecting for the Registration Dues for 2014 — $24.00 per scout and leader — $12.00 for boys life.  Also she will have sign-ups for 2014 Summer Camp – Camp Jeffrey – $100.00 deposit.

Other Items:

Parent and Leader Training: Kathy reported that she checked with the Training District Rep for Frontier and the YPT Training Disk that is used for group training has not been updated in many years.  It would take 1 ½ hours to complete.  It was decided that this would not take place during the COH as discussed.  Sandy suggested we have one meeting a month be YPT Day – During the meeting Parents can come in with their computers and complete the YPT Training with leader help.  Also the committee will look for CPR and First Aid Training that can be either at Council or at the Church for anyone who wishes to take it.  More information will be made available in the future. 

Next Meeting:  December 10th 6:30 PM:  Focus on this meeting will be to Review  the Policy and Procedure Manual and the 2014 Budget.  Please be ready by reading the Policy and Procedure Manual.

Troop 287 Committee Meeting Notes

August 13, 2013

Discussion Items

Welcome – Jen J, Keith M, Joyce M, Kathy K., Dan R., Tom S, Jim Brinkman. , Sandy Johnston

Approval of Minutes

            Kathy approved the July minutes. Jen seconded.

Flags Discussion

Kathy distributed the new sign up sheet.

Jen will create a document with guidelines for approval.

  • Limit the boys to 8 with a wait list
  • SPL will call 2 nights before to confirm boys and drivers.
  • Wait list boys will have the first opportunity to sign up for the next time
  • SIgn up will be finalized the Tuesday before holiday
  • Sheet will go out 3 Tuesday’s before the holiday
  • Boys that don’t show up will get a call that morning.

It was suggested that we can add the sign up sheet on website

Kathy will post the next two holidays

            Sean, Kathy and Sandy are working out the new routes to more evenly divide time it takes.

            Joyce suggested we look at the activities that boys are participating at the time of board of review. The committee will relook at the policies and procedures and see if this is being addressed already or needs to be added. Flag coordinator should track this for the flags.  They will check off people when they arrive.

            The committee needs to check the inventory of fliers to see if we need to order more. It was suggested that the each driver carry some fliers. Kathy suggested we put the sign out again. Jen will display at her house on Labor Day

Scholarship Application

            Kathy handed out the scholarship guidelines and the application. Treasurer will verify that the funds are being used for proper activities. The application will go to Scout master and then passed to committee chair. Committee chair will distribute via email to approval or discussion at next meeting.

            Suggestions for revision were made.  Joyce approved the approval application pending changes that Kathy makes. Sandy seconded. Kathy will announce at the COH. Applications open immediately.

Scoutmaster Report  – not present

Treasurer’s Report  – Kathy

            Kathy met with Rotary. The troop has received payment from flags. We took a hit with the two missed holidays last year.  This will be ok with approved budget but we will be cautious with expenditures.  Jen approved the budget. Dan seconded.

            Jim suggested we do a fundraiser that would donate $5 for houses that burned in Mountain Shadows and Black Forest in the Veteran’s Day parade. Kathy will see if this is possible.

            Joyce suggested we march in more parades. We can bring this up to the boys. Perhaps the Coronado homecoming parade in October.

Advancements Report – Joyce

            There will be a lot of advancements at the next COH. Some board of reviews last week, some this week. Not as much activity as in the past. Jim suggested making phone calls to scouts that are not showing up. Kathy and Jen were both present at Stephan’s Eagle conference.

            There was discussion around setting up an Eagle Alumni cookout.

August COH– August 20

  • Joyce reviewed program.
  • Kathy will do treasurer’s report
  • Kathy will find out about the slideshow. Consult with scoutmaster.
  • Jen will do a parent volunteer plea. She will create a list to post on website.
  • Jim will be stepping up as Asst Scoutmaster. He will do a presentation of his 48 state bicycling tour will be done with the troop at some point
  • Jen will get stuff ice cream and supplies
  • Kathy will get cake

Other – None

Next Meeting – September 10, 6:30PM

Hi there, 

Sorry it took me so long to get to this.  It has been a busy month. 

Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2013


Present were:  Kathy Kaelin, Dave Krzemien, Dan Rodriguez and Tom Sharp

Approval of Minutes: Dan moved to approve the May 2013 Minutes – Dave 2nd.  All voted to approve.    

Scoutmaster Report: No Report

Advancements Report:  Joyce was not present – Dave and Dan reported that Troopmaster is not updated.  Both Stefan and Andrew F had merit badges that have been awarded that were not in Troopmaster.  This needs to be discussed further when Joyce and Keith are present. 

Treasurer Report:  Kathy handed out the Treasurer Report. We are still within budget.  Joyce motioned to approve the Budget by Email – Dan 2nd – All voted in favor.    

Kathy reported that a scout has accepted the donated monies for the 2014 Philmont Trip.  This means we have our minimum number of scouts and adults signed up. 

Kathy presented the Scholarship Application Form for consideration.  There were many items to change discussed.  Kathy will make the changes and bring next month for the committee to consider again and this will be the basis for the Policy that needs to be written. 

Flags Discussion:  Kathy transferred the monies from the Flag Account to the Scout account based on the policy of even money distribution and $1.25 per Flag – AM and PM.  A breakdown of the distribution was emailed to the scouts participating.    

Other Items:

Applications – Completed and Stamped by Council: Kathy asked who is keeping the completed Scout and Adult Applications.  Tom should get the Charter Org copy and the Unit Copy goes to Dan who will update Troopmaster and then file in the filing cabinet.  Kathy turned in the applications that had been processed by Council for one of the new boys and the new committee member.    

New Parent Survey:  Kathy has two Parent Surveys – Committee decided they should go to the Committee Chair and Scoutmaster so they are aware of the potential of the new parents.    

Old Troop Files:  Kathy cleaned out the filing cabinet when the Troop’s items were moved to the new closet.  She is in the process of scanning the items for an electronic copy of the items and creating folders for the paperwork backup.  It was decided that if we have an electronic backup that the paper only needs to be kept for 2 years. 

Waldo Canyon Burn Scar Clean-Up:  Tom announced that Wilson Church is participating in a Clean Up on June 29th.  Scouts are asked to come with the Church.  Kathy will post this on the Website.   

Next Meeting – June 9th – 6:30 PM

Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2012


Present were:  Kathy Kaelin, Keith Moore, Dave Krzemien, Dan Rodriguez and Tom Sharp

Approval of Minutes: Approval of November Committee Minutes was deferred till we next month because we did not have a copy on hand. 

Scoutmaster Report: The Annual Scout Planning meeting was held on Dec  1 – the boys enjoyed Pizza and made a tentative schedule of events for 2013.  The highlights are as follows – Dates are not final and are subject to change. 

January – Campout  Jan  25-27  Orientation Course, MB – Citizenship of the World, PPC – Rifle Merit Badge – Jan 18-19

February – Freez-o-ree – Feb 22-24, Court of Honor Feb 19

March – Ski Trip March 9 – MB Snow Sports

April – HP Camporee- April 26-28, MB Personal Fitness, Cycling

May – Backpacking May 17-19 – MB Wilderness Survival  – Court of Honor May 21 – Flags May 27

June – Summer Camp – June 2-8, Sea Base June 14-20, Flags June 14

July – Campout (Rafting/Zipline) July 13-14, Flags July 4

August – Campout (Geocaching) Aug 17-18, MB Orienteering, Court f Honor Aug 20

September – Campout (shooting) , MB, Rifle, Shoot, Archery, Flags Sept 2, Yearly Planning Meeting

October – Backpacking – Dino Death March

November – 20 mile hike, Court of Honor – Nov 19, Flags Nov 11

December – Webelos Overnight – Camp A?

Keith also said that at the planning meeting – the scouts decided that each COH should have a theme and a presentation or activity based on that theme. 

Upcoming events:

December 18th – Swimming MB – YMCA from 5-7 all others will meet at the church at 7pm

December 23 – Soup Kitchen

December 25 and January 1st – No Meeting

January 8th – Regular Meeting

Keith mentioned that he will have some repairs to the trailer done in December and he will save the receipts for this year’s budget. 

Kathy handed out the T-Shirt Order proposals.  Keith had asked that we look at the possibility of getting the high tech sweatshirts instead of the cotton ones.  Those are $40.00 each.  The committee voted to get extra T-shirts and extra Sweatshirts – Proposal #5 from the attached list.  Kathy will also send out an email to the troop to see if anyone would like to order the new sweatshirts to see if we can sell any more.  And she will contact the three people who ordered the cotton one’s and see if they want to upgrade for an additional $20.00 each.  The orders will be taken out of 2012 budget – initial cash outlay will be approx $700.00 but the net after the sweatshirts are sold will be $300.00.  Order deadline will be December 18th meeting. 

Advancements Report:  Joyce was not here so this was deferred to January

Treasurer Report:  Kathy handed out the Treasurer Report (attached).  We are still significantly under budget – based on this the committee decided the T-Shirts should be an expense for 2012 even though it is not budgeted.  The Treasurer Report was approved. 

Budget 2013 discussion was deferred till January 2013 Committee Meeting. 

Journey to Excellence:  Jen was not at the meeting so this was deferred.

Flags Discussion:  Dave announced that if a parent does not volunteer then he will take the flags back for one year only.  If we could get a parent to shadow him this year they could take it over next year. 

Discussion of a raise for the boys was deferred as it has a direct impact on the budget. 

Other Items:

Philmont 2014: Kathy announced that we were accepted to go to Philmont for 2014 – Kathy handed out the sign up form for the High adventure camp – The age limit is age 14 by the start of camp – or completed the 8th grade and at least 13.   Deposits are due by the February Court of Honor to secure your spot. 

Pack Recruiting:  The need for recruiting of local Packs was discussed.  The Committee asked if there could be an event scheduled for January – possibly an outdoor Saturday Event at the Church where Webelos could come and go – with several different stations – and possibly a orienteering course.   Keith was going to take it back to the boys for their input. 

Kathy will get contact information for area packs and send out the information once it is confirmed. 

It was decided that an event needs to occur earlier in the year – and be an event geared towards the Webelo scouts and not just an invitation to a Court of Honor.

Friends of Scouting:  If we reach the yearly goal for this – Our Rank advancements for 2013 will be paid for by council.  This will be scheduled for a Court of Honor meeting – probably in February.    

Recharter:  Kathy reported that all scouts except one has paid their registration fee.  The one scout that has not has been contacted and is not able to pay it at this time.  The committee voted to pay the fee for him and Kathy will collect it in 2013. 

Adults  — Kathy reported that all adults have paid for recharter except for a couple of ASM.  Nickolas Hasse will be sending his registration fee to Kathy via mail and hopes to be more involved with the troop this year.  The others will be dropped from the Roster and if they decide to rejoin they will have to fill out a new adult application.  Jim Brinkman has not completed his application yet.  He did not have to pay as he is a multiple with Pack 26. 

Kathy, Tom and Jen will get together and complete the Recharter online based on this information. 

The meeting was adjourned – Next Meeting – January 8th at 6:30pm


T-Shirt Order Proposals

Treasurer Report for December

Committee Meeting Minutes-August 14, 2012

Recorded by: Andrea Warner, Secretary


Present: Andrea Warner, Dan Rodriguez, Gina Swanson, Chris Swanson, Kathy Kaelin, Jen Jirous, Joyce Moore, Keith Moore, Tom Sharp

July meeting minutes approved unanimously


COH Planning:  August 21st time change to 630pm Ice cream Social

Will start with the ice cream social then move into the court of honor. Slide show for Boundary waters and camp A. Gina suggested that Keith mention to the scouts to bring a friend like last year to help promote the troop. Jen will pick up all items needed for the social. Joyce will do the program: Program items include time frame of Ice cream social 630-7pm, Posting of colors 7pm, Kathy will talk about scout accounts, Jen will go over admin items, slide show, then the court of honor will begin.. Please arrive early for set up.


Scout master Report:  Climbing camp out is cancel because of lack of scout sign up. Possible alternative will be a wilderness campout. Keith will report back to committee after talk with scouts. Kathy did camp research for next year, she gave print outs to Keith to look over and discuss with scouts, further discussion will be at future meetings. Keith mention additional fundraiser of Christmas tree sales, gave info to Jen to look into it further and then she will report back to committee.


Advancements Report:  Joyce advise there were 7 board of reviews in the last 2 weeks and possible 4more after tonight’s meeting. Joyce suggested that it should only take 15 minutes for a board of review. She asked about having a meeting with the Knot Patrol to go over the procedures of the board of review to take back to the scouts so they are more prepared and know how it works.  Joyce advised that she still needs blue cards and the rank advancements updated in Troop Master. Which then lead into a great discussion of the use of Troop Master. It was asked for the ASM to update troop master regularly but it was brought to the committee that it is just too much to stay on top of it along with their other duties. Chris Swanson suggested that the troop no longer use Troop master. There was a lot of back and fourth about it. Keith would like to see that it stays with the troop. Dan Suggested that it stays with the troop also and that it is a great resource if it use correctly and to keeps to scout standards. The final outcome is to keep it and have committee members take turns coming in once a month make copies of the boys books and update info into Troop master.


Treasure Report and Budget Planning:  Kathy passed out the treasure report and went over it with the committee. The budget is still not finalized and has not been voted on yet. Further discussion at next committee meeting.


Flags Update: Light discussion but it was table till next meeting when more financial information will be available.


Equipment Update: Table to next meeting

Other items: Joyce advise that she found out that she found out that the Troop did pay for adult application and the balance of the recharter account is $18 which is where this comes out of. Committee agrees that the Troop no longer pays for any new adult application.

Dan Rodriguez will take on the duty of membership chair and the training chair. Youth protection training certificates are needed on all adult application when submitted. They cannot be submitted to council with out them.

Jen will make fliers for duty description that the troop is in need of and have them for the COH. Keith suggested that they also go on the website. There was talk about Dave having information about a welcome packet. Jen will contact Dave to get the information so it can be posted also on website and to give to parents.

Andrea will contact Chic fila about another spirit night for the Troop.

Next meeting: Tuesday Sept 11th 6pm

Committee Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2012


Recorded by: Andrea Warner, Secretary

Presest: Andrea Warner, Jen Jirous, Joyce Moore, Keith Moore, Kathy Kaelin, Chris Swanson, Jon Ullman, Tom Sharp, Dan Rodriguez, David Krzemien

Minutes From June meeting was approved unanimously


Scoutmaster Report: Keith Moore

Camp went well- group picture will be scanned and sent out by Keith Moore.  Scouts would like to go back to Camp A, Keith asked if we could get someone to stay on top of it for next summer to secure a spot for our troop.

New PLC is coming up so will discuss further with the new PLC about next summer camp and will advise back to the committee.

Keith Moore reported that out of the $2500 approved by the committee for new equipment purchase, he has spent $1300. All receipts has been turned into Kathy Kaelin, Treasure at this point. Will discuss further about the remaining equipment to be purchase at next meeting.

2 Scouts were called out for the Arrow Society- Michel Swanson and Sam Moore


Events Update: August 7th-Game night Rafting trip Echo Canyon cost $85.00 per person

August 14th Reg Weekly meeting (PLC Elections)

August 14th Last night for Board of review prior to COH

August 21st– Court of Honor

August `10-12 OA Ordeal

August 17-19 Climbing MB Campout? Will North is following up on Camp Falcon

August 26th– Soup Kitchen

Sept 3rd– Labor Day flags

Sept 21-23 Shooting Campout

Sept 23rd– Soup kitchen for those who do not do the campout

Oct 19-21 Dino Death March Campout


Chris Swanson requested a planning meeting again. Requested it to be held in August and then it will be submitted to the committee by the Oct mtg.


Treasure Report- Kathy Kaelin

See attach treasure report. Further discuss was table for the August meeting. Kathy did advise that she would submit a separate report for the flag account


Advancement Report

There will be several boys doing their board of review and scoutmaster review tonight.  The accurate total will be given at the next committee meeting in August. Joyce did advise that the scoutmaster will be giving her all the updates and she will report on that at the next meeting.


Flags Update- Chris Swanson

Lost 44 houses because of the fire. There was a discussion on how and when the refunds will be given for those houses but we are waiting to hear back about that. It was said that it will be around $350/$370. Nobody will be charges for 4th of July.

Pleasant Valley- Chris will send Jen information about the flags so she can contact the HOA for it to be sent out to the neighborhood. Keith will ask the boys when they would like to do the walk through Pleasant Valley to do the door hangers. Chris Swanson will be doing to the door hangers. Jen will remind Keith about talking with the boys. Jen will also have a flag in her yard to advertise to the rest of the neighborhood. It was discuss to keep this as a regular route and not have any boy obligated to do this route and the flags will be kept at the church and not at anyone’s house.  It was advise that there are several boys that live in the area that not one or tow boys would need to be obligated to do this route. It will be assigned just like the others. It was also discuss to include the 8 flags that the Swanson’s has in their neighborhood into this route in turn the flags should be back to the church but further discussion was table for now.


COH Planning- 

Only discussion was a possible presentation from summer camp. Table till the August committee meeting

Budget Planning/ Assurances- Table for August Meeting


Equipment Update- Table for  August meeting

Popcorn Sales-

August 23rd meeting for Popcorn Kernal at the council at 6pm, Kathy Kaelin volunteer to go. Dave will be the Kernal. There will not be a Show & Sale

Further discuss will be at Next meeting

Other Items-

Jim Brinkman gave brief info to Jen about a Mountain Shadows Concert in the Chipeta Park and suggested having the boys scouts there with the flags. The scouts will be approach to see what type of involvement and Jim will be asked to contact the POC for the concert to see maybe if we could do a flag ceremony instead of having the boys standing on the sidewalks holding flags. We need more info before we can proceed with this.

Chris Swanson advise that the new website is up and running. It is more like a blog. It still has a little tweaks to work out but it is free of cost. Please sign in to the website and sign up to receive email update.