Committee Meeting -13 Sep@730pm – Flags will be Discussed

Sean Warner —  September 8, 2016 — Leave a comment



We have a committee meeting on Tuesday the 13th at 730pm. All committee members to include new committee members please attend as matter’s discussed affect the future of the troop. One important topic of discussion will be Flags.  We have not had enough recent participation to support this fundraiser and it’s resulting in extra work for those that do show and Flags not being placed and recovered properly.  The Rotary Club, which owns the Flag program, has hinted that they could find another troop.

Flag revenue is how we fund all the awards and any other expenses of the troop.  We’ve been lucky to not have to ask parents to pay and not do other fund raisers such as car washes.  So, please help us discuss and solve this issue! All parents are welcome to attend too.

Thank you to the following people for volunteering for the committee:

Charter Org Rep – Tom S

Troop Committee Chair – Sandy J

Troop Secretary – (Vacant)

Troop Treasure – Danny R.

Troop Advancement – Mary C.

Troop Equipment Coordinator – (Vacant)

Troop Outdoor/Activity Chair – Lisa D

Troop Training Chair – Jessica H

ScoutParent Coordinator – Sara C

Popcorn Kernel – Blake M

Webmaster – Ryan B.


You guys rock and are going to help continue to make this church great!!! Thank you


Sean Warner


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