Committee Minutes – January 14, 2014

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Troop 287 Committee Meeting

January 14, 2014


Discussion Notes



Approval of Minutes – not posted. Jen will check with Andrea about minutes

Scoutmaster report

  • Freeze-o-ree Air Force Academy– Feb 7-8, Must sign up by Jan 20
  • Finishing up Citizenship in the Nation
  • Mr. Woodard will be starting Aviation Merit Badge
  • Venture crew in not rechartering this year
  • March – no activity planned
    • Soup Kitchen
    • April – Spring backpacking trip
    • May – Possible lock-in
    • June – possible backpacking
    • September  – Fall camporee
    • August – Camp A. Possible shooting weekend in August
    • October – Climbing at Fort Carson
    • Older boys will be gone at Philmont over flag day
    • Will start planning meetings for Philmont. Kieth will check with boys to schedule.

It was suggested that the troop reimburse adults for providing transportation to events. This could be divided up between boys who are attending. Will discuss further.

New PLC elections coming up.

Advancements Report. Joyce –

  • Stephan and Jessie Court on Honor coming up.
  • Joyce will update the plaque at the church to include all those that had gotten eagle from troop 287. Committee agrees that missing scouts should all be included.


Treasurer’s Report . Kathy. Approved by Joyce. Seconded by Jen

Scholarship fund – funded with scout accounts that have been inactive. Will promote to the adults to donate to the account. Kathy will bring this up at the next COH. The committee agreed that the emergency fund should also be put into the scholarship fund.

Troop Recharter Update. Kathy.

16 scouts/10 adult leaders. Kathy has it ready to go but would like proofread of it before submitting. Due January 15.

COH Planning

  • February 18. Chili Cook-off. Set-up at 5:30
  • Joyce will check to see if a boy should be do reminder/program as part of communication.
  • Committee will supply cheese, corn bread, sour cream, onion, crackers, plates/bowls cups.
  • Jen and Sandy will make corn bread. Kathy will get other supplies and veggie tray. Joyce will order cake.
  • Joyce will check with Keith about theme.
  • Joyce will check about prizes and Kathy will do certificates

Flag update – Sandy.

Kathy and Sandy met with Rotary club. Rotary will be advertising to increase membership. Max will be doing phone calls to people that don’t have email access. Membership currently at 250 – goal is to increase to 300. Rotary is replacing current issues and will fix the flags. Rotary pays for caps and door hangers so will reimburse us for those.  Flag information will be on the back of the insert for the COH flier.

Mulch fundraiser. Kathy.

Rocky Mountain landscapers (Jared Martin) are willing to give the troop a discount and work with troop on deliveries.  Scouts can take orders and can apply the mulch if wanted. RM can deliver 35 cubic yards for $65. Troop could build a box of the right size and fill bags based on correct amount. May need to have customers sign a waiver. Need to check on specifics (fire danger) of the mulch with homeowners association. The committee will ask Keith to bring this up with the troop. Tabled for the February meeting.

Next Meeting – Tuesday February 11  – 6:30PM

Adjournment – 7:45.

BSA Troop 287


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