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Currently we have five Scouts signed up to go on the DDM this weekend. According to our Troop’s historical practices, we need at a minimum of six Scouts to conduct an event. Therefore we are going to postpone (as a Scout sanctioned activity) this weekend’s campout. This postponement of course does not change the fact that camping can proceed, it just won’t be a Scout camp. Since this was planned as a Family oriented camp, please feel free to go forth and camp out down there, or wherever you feel like.

There have been other concerns raised as well, like the weather down there (102-104 degrees) during the day and hiking in those temps is certainly a concern for safety. So if you go, take extra water.

Anyway, I would like to reschedule this trip to maybe next weekend, or possibly even November (when it will not be so dang hot!). Anyway, we can discuss at next week’s meeting (which will proceed as a scheduled game night-SPL: what are we doing for game night?).

If anyone would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.


In case you are interested in going down there, here is the data we were going to use for our campsite and hike:

Campsite location was at/near the Withers Canyon Trailhead.

The Hike was to follow the Withers Canyon Trail down to the Purgatory River and then south along the river to the Dino Tracks, there is an old Mission with a graveyard down there as well we were going to check out.

Google Map to destination (or type Withers Canyon Trailhead into Google maps as a destination):

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