DINO Death March!!

Dan McGuire —  October 9, 2019 — Leave a comment
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Pretty sure this never happened! At least on Earth.


It is time to walk where our forefathers strode across the plains, hunting the mammoths, tricerotops, and chickens, and being hunted by the velociraptors and tyranosaurus rexs of the past! It is time for the Dino Death March!!! (just kidding, I know humans were not around during the dinos; in fact, more time passed between T-Rex and Tricerotops than has passed between T-Rex and humans: crazy, right?!)

We will be staying in the Picketwire Canyon Lands and trapsing through the wilderness where the mightiest of the thunder lizards roamed and left their prints in the ground for us to find eons later. 

On Tuesday, 15 OCt, Scouts will plan the meals and identify gear required. The current forecast is as follows, for consideration of gear. Seems like a nice couple of nights to sleep under the stars!

FRI OCT 18Sunny77°46°0%SW 12 mph25%
SAT OCT 19Mostly Sunny72°42°10%NW 11 mph29%
SUN OCT 20Partly Cloudy66°39°10%N 11 mph33%

We will meet up at the barn on Friday, 18 Oct at 5pm like usual, and then head out from there. We will find a place to camp down there in the immediate area of the trailheads (more to follow on that specifically). You can check out some of the stuff to do in the area at the link below. 


Scouts will prep breakfast on Saturday morning, then pack a to-go lunch for eating on the trail. Then head out for the hike, which is about 5 miles or so one way (from what i’ve been told). Lunch will be on the trail, then head back to base camp for the Scouts to prep dinner. During down time, the Scouts should try and maximize the captive audience to work on some of their ADV and prep a skit or two to entertain over the campfire. 

Sunday we will have a light/quick breakfast, pack up and head home. We should be home by noon for parent pick up.

Sign up so we can learn something about history and have fun while camping!

Here is the sign up:



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