February Committee Meeting Minutes

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Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2013
By Andrea Warner
Discussion Items
Approval of Minutes-Joyce motion to approve the minutes, Kathy 2nd it, all in favor
COH Last-minute Details-Boys will do invite and Joyce will do the program. Scouts will have a hat contest and they will be judging-the boys will print up award certificates to present to the winners. Theme is Chilli cook off- winner for adult chilli and scout chilli- awards will be presented, Dave K will be bringing the awards. Tom will be bringing small 5oz cups for the taste testing. Jen will purchase the paper products, onions, cheese, sour cream. Joyce will make a sheet of corn bread and Andrea will bring desserts. Kathy will take care of the judging sheets and she will post all the info on the website. Can goods will be accepted at the COH.
Scoutmaster Report – Sign up for Freezeree (March 1-3)going on now, Troop ski trip will be either March 9th or 23, troop will make decision tonight, Game night will be on the 19th TBD, Service project possible at Flying W Ranch March 9-TBD Tom will look further into and get register, Citizenship of the World MB coming up next counsellor will be Will North. Personal Fitness MB TBD in April still need counsellor for it, Cycling MB in April counsellor will be Sean Warner, June summer camp and Sea base, July TBD Rafting and zip line, April will be swim night for game night to get boys ready for their camps TBD
Advancements Report-possible 5 board of reviews tonight. Joyce suggested more consistency at the reviews with boys appearances’ and how they approach the committee and would like for the committee to keep the reviews short. Dan asked Joyce to do a write up sheet so the troop will know what to expect. Joyce will address the troop tonight before the reviews so the boys will know.
Treasurer’s Report –report will be made available at COH.
Checking Account Signatures – Co Treasurer- signatures for checking accts has been reviewed and needed changes have been approved by committee
New Permission Form for Activities-TABLED to NEXT MTG
Camp Cards-Kathy has signed up the troop for the cards and March 14th she will pick up the cards from the council then given to the scouts they will have 1 month to sale them, what does not get sold will need to be turned back in.
Boy Scout Membership Policy Action-Jen will send out email about this matter
Other items-Dan bought 18 1 inch binders for the boys
Next Meeting – Tuesday March 19th – 6:

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