Flag Day tomorrow!

Dan McGuire —  June 13, 2019 — Leave a comment


We have all eight Scouts we need to fill the requested slots to post flags tomorrow morning and afternoon.

We only have three driver/navigator teams for the morning shift though the afternoon shift is full of all four teams.

This means we will have to split the “unmanned” route between the three teams, or have one team double up. Also, it means with only three teams driving, the eight Scouts will have to add a third Scout to two driving teams. I guess the thing I am getting at is we need an additional driver/nav team to make this whole thing really successful.

So, if there is any possibility you can drive or navigate tomorrow morning, please either shoot me and Renee a text message or just show up at the barn tomorrow morning at 6.

We are covered for pick up, we have four teams in the afternoon and it should go smoothly then, we need help in the morning, so if you can, please do.


Dan McGuire


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