Flag Time has Arrived! In need of one more Driver, Navigator and Scout, Anyone? Anyone?

Renee Hames —  May 23, 2020 — Leave a comment

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for signing up for flags for Memorial Day. We will
be placing about 205 flags including the church flags for this
holiday. Attached are the routes, along with the map for Tuscan Villas
and the assignments. Remember we need two drivers for each route one car has to carry all the flags while the other car follows and a navigator and two scouts. Right now these are the following assignments. Route B has two newbies signed up. Any older scout families willing to help them out?

I’ve set the assignments as follows:

Route A Meet at Barn for 6:15am Load up
Driver 1: Paul Navigator: Lisa Scout: Jack
Driver 2: Marie Scout: Noah

Route B Meet at Barn for 6:30am Load up
Driver 1: Klye Navigator: Scout: Alex
Driver 2: Harry Scout: Cameron

Route C Meet at Barn for 6:00am Load up
Driver 1: Renee Navigator: Aidan Scout: Zander

Route D Meet at Barn for 5:45am Load up
Driver 1: Dan Navigator: Scout: Geren
Driver 2: Chris Scout: Ethan

AM – Meet at Barn for Flag Load up at 5:45 am/6:00 am/6:15 am/6:30 am
PM – Meet at Barn for Flag Pick up at 6:00 pm

We will meet at the Church Barn on Monday at your assigned time to
load up the Flags and post them then we will meet back at the Barn
again at 6pm to pick up flags. I will be at the Barn to help load
flags and answer any questions you might have. Please have your scouts
wear their Class A uniform and dress according to weather. The low
temperature for Monday is 48 and the high is 73. Each bucket has
everything you need (Including Printed Routes) and PLEASE make sure
your scout WEARS their REFLECTIVE VESTS. Thank you for everyone’s help
to make this Memorial Day a success.

I will be your point person so please text me when everyone is
finished with their routes. (Renee 719-533-0473) I will send out a
group text so you have my number, and so you can keep in touch if any
issues arise. I included the routes if you would like to look at yours
before Monday. I will have routes already printed for that morning in
your assigned bucket.

Let me know if you have any questions and please text me your numbers. I don’t know everyone yet and I don’t have phone numbers. (Text me at 719-533-0473). I will see everyone on Monday. Thank You!

Renee Hames
PDF 2020 Memorial Postings A Route.pdf
85K View as HTML Scan and download
PDF 2020 Memorial Postings B Route.pdf
90K View as HTML Scan and download
PDF 2020 Memorial Postings C Route.pdf
83K View as HTML Scan and download
PDF 2020 Memorial Postings D Route.pdf
74K View as HTML Scan and download
Tuscan VIllas Mem Day 2020.pdf
915K View as HTML Scan and download

Renee Hames


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