Flags! Whoo-hoo!

Dan McGuire —  May 26, 2019 — Leave a comment
Symbol of Freedom!! As seen today at the Territory Days Festival in Old Colorado City. Photo by Geren M., Troop Scribe.

Scouts and Families,

Tomorrow morning kicks off our flags season bright and early. If you are signed up, we will see you in the morning at 6 at the barn to load up flags and get’r dun. If you have not had the opportunity to sign up, please check out the available slots and throw your name down on the sign up genius.

Coffee and donuts will be provided based upon your enthusiasm, the generosity of the person obtaining said refreshments, and of course, the alarm clock (mostly the alarm clock). If it goes off early enough and gets the appropriate response – not a snooze button, there will be treats; if not: well, you get the idea.

See you in the morning!


Dan McGuire


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