Food For this Weekends Campout

Sean Warner —  May 18, 2018 — Leave a comment


I’ve had a couple of food questions so I just want to reiterate that the food plan for this weekend:

The main question was who is buying the food.  Each scout is responsible for bringing three fo their own meals.

* This is the menu the scouts camp up with. I understand that they decided Ignacio is buying the Bagels, ham, cheese and Muffins.  The Rest is on  your own! A mountain man meal is a dehydrated meal that you can buy at any sports store like REI. Costco has a good deal on a box of them. You are free to swap the mountain man meal with something of your choice, or make your own food but please make sure you can simply heat the meal up with water. We do not like cooking food in the Troop stoves.

Fri Dinner: Bring your own to eat in the car on the way up (On Your Own)

Sat break: Plain bagels with ham & cheese (cheddar) – Ignacio will buy

Sat Lunch: Mountain man Meal (On Your Own)

Sat dinner: Mountain Man  (On Your Own)

Sun Break: Muffins (chocolate & blueberry) — Ignacio will buy

Snacks: Chewy bars (Ignacio will buy) . Scouts may bring their own if they want too. Please no heavy sugar stuff. I’m sure Blake and I will bring enough of that stuff 🙂

Sean Warner


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