Freez-O-Ree is a go!!!

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Thank you to Mr. Chermack and Mr. Bolenbaugh for registering as adult leaders for this trip to make it happen!!! You are great leaders and I, our parents and scouts appreciate your dedication.

Right now I am tracking 11 Scouts and 2 Adults

So, The boys that were selected to buy food should buy the food based on the plan at the last meeting. Meal plans were made at Tuesdays meeting. Plan on Budgeting $10 per scout in your individual patrols.  It should be 4 meals…Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Sunday Breakfast. I recommend a cold breakfast on Sunday because it will be a quick shutdown.

Here is the new timeline.


530pm – Please arrive at the Church at 530 PM on Friday with the following items. Class A Scout Shirt, a meal for Friday night (Subway Sandwich or something like that), your permission slip (, the “covenant not to sue” (found at the end of this document : and packing list (Below)

630-7pm depart to AFA

Saturday: – Freez-o-ree

Sunday:Depart AFA no later than 10am be at Church no later and 11am. Scouts will call if they get home early.

Here is the packing list. Take into account it will be 70 degrees during the day and 44 so you may tailor the list accordingly:

[ ]-long underwear
[ ]-uniform shirt, long sleeve
[ ]-warm shirt (wool, or heavy non-cotton)
[ ]-mid-weight inner layer (sweater, polar fleece top, wool Scout jacket [ ]-snow pants or wool “Scout type” pants
[ ]-winter weight jacket (hoods are good)
[ ]-inner sock (polypro, thin poly socks)
[ ]-outer sock (wool, smart wool)
[ ]-lightweight inner glove
[ ]-outer winter cold mittens/ gloves
[ ]-warm hat (wool, polar fleece, fur)
[ ]-ski mask full face covering
[ ]-winter boots (Bunny boots or Sorel type)

Personal Packing List:

[ ]-pocketknife
[ ]-first aid kit
[ ]-raingear/windbreaker/snowsuit
[ ]-water bottle
[ ]-flashlight with extra batteries(in pocket)
[ ]-sun protection (sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses)
[ ]-bag to hold gear (backpack)
[ ]-2 pairs of extra gloves (extra thin inner glove + extra outer glove or mitten)
[ ]-extra stocking hat
[ ]-extra pair of long underwear
[ ]-2 extra pairs of wool socks, one for each day of campout
[ ]-complete change of clothes
[ ]-toilet kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, partial roll of TP, stored in ziplock bag)
[ ]-sleep kit (sweatshirt and pants, knit cap, loose socks all stored in ziplock bags) [ ]-personal mess kit and eating utensils
[ ]-watch
[ ]-BSA handbook
[ ]-cold weather sleeping bag
[ ]-extra warm-up sleep gear (wool blanket, extra outer sleeping bag, etc)
[ ]-6’ x 8’ reflective ground cloth to go under sleeping bag
[ ]-closed cell foam pad (2 cheap ones work great!)

Freez-O-Ree 2017

Troop/Patrol Kit for Saturday Activities: (Checked-in with sled at the opening flag ceremony)

[ ]-Map of the area (provided at check in) and compass
[ ]-50’ of 550 cord, 25’ of rope, and five 6’ lengths of rope
[ ]-Three 4’ (or longer), 1-inch (or wider) diameter poles
[ ]-Flint and Steel, waterproof matches in a sealed case, other fire starting objects, tinder and kindling [ ]-Pocket Knife and/or Multi-Tool
[ ]-First Aid Kit including splinting material
[ ]-Tarps and shelter-building supplies
[ ]-Snack food (trail mix, granola, etc)
[ ]-Two liters of water per person
[ ]-Extra clothes (a few layers for each person / a blanket or sleeping bag)
[ ]-Snow shovel (to make winter shelter/a few per Patrol is sufficient)
[ ]-Scout Handbook


Sean Warner


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