Freeze-O-Ree Sign Up, March 16-18

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The next Campout is the Air Force Academy (AFA) Freeze-O-Ree on March 16-18.  This is a fun event for all…especially the New Scouts that just crossed over.  Its close (Jacks Valley on the AFA) and run by the AFA cadets and super safe. Don’t let the name fool you though….last year it was 70 degrees during the Freeze-O-Ree.  In addition to fun activities (listed below) this is a great opportunity for scouts to knock out rank advancement requirements!
Of Note, I will not be able to make this Campout so we need at least two Adults to sign up to go.
Below is some information on the campout. We already have a sled made in the Shed but we have to tweak it a bit to make it a little stronger 🙂
Please sign up on Sign Up Genius at

***Patrol/Troop Specific Equipment***

IMPORTANT:  Troops will need to bring a sled fabricated prior to the event by the Scouts, in line with this Klondike style event. Troops will be required to have a minimum of one sled, and can have as many as one per Patrol (up to 3). The sled should have the ability to be pushed and pulled across snow or dirt because Scouts will be required to bring their sled to each event station. The weight of the sled should be considered due to certain station challenges the Scouts may encounter. Sleds should also be capable of hauling necessary equipment for event stations (as identified below in the event station descriptions). Troops that do not bring a sled will risk losing points at initial check-in and sled-specific events.

***Saturday Activities***

IMPORTANT:  Each Troop/Patrol will be responsible for going to as many stations as possible, in no particular order. Each station will award points that will contribute to an overall score, and the top three Troops/Patrols will be recognized at the awards campfire. There are ten stations that are subject to change but currently planned to include:

  1. Station 1 – accuracy and safety with axes, saws and knives (equip: N/A)
  2. Station 2 – reaction course (equip: N/A)
  3. Station 3 – sled race (equip: troop sled)
  4. Station 4 – fire safety and fire building (equip: matches and fire building materials)
  5. Station 5– wilderness survival skills (equip: shelter building supplies)
  6. Station 6 – lashing skills (equip: 50 feet of 550 cord)
  7. Station 7 – first aid skills (equip: first aid kit and splinting materials)
  8. Station 8– orienteering skills (equip: compass)
  9. Station 9– knowledge of Scout skills (equip: Boy Scout Handbook)

***Bonus Station: showcase of different Academy clubs and teams throughout the day

Each of the nine stations will be competitive, and Troops should prepare by reviewing axe/knife safety, fire safety, wilderness survival, first aid, orienteering and pioneering. Please ensure you bring the required supplies for each station.

Youth participation – $20

Adult Participation – $20

Please sign up at



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