Green light: GO, GO, GO!

Dan McGuire —  March 12, 2021 — Leave a comment
Joint Base Charleston plays role in largest NATO exercise in 20 years


I spent some time down on Fort Carson earlier today and did a site visit to our camp location (map below). After coordinating with the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES), and the Fort Carson Emergency Operations Center (EOC), as well as the Butts Airfield Staff (2miles down the road from our campsite), they all agre the storm is hitting more north than originally thought. The current forecast as of 1245hrs, is 2″ tonight, 5″ tomorrow, and another 1″ on Sunday for Fort Carson.

So, as it stands, we have the required amount of Scouts to have a campout, and will be moving forward with it.

5PM tonight, we will link up at Gate 1 Visitor Center to get vehicle passes. Current, DL, Registration, Insurance required.
Then we will move to our camp location to set up. We will have fun until Sunday around 9am, or whenever you and your family decide to break camp.

If at any time the weather is a safety concern, we will assess and make a determination as to continue outdoor activities. As this is a Family outing, Families can always make the call on their own.

Once you take the left fork in the road, there is a right turn in to the camp area. There are supposed to be four tent platforms, but I only found three. Pick one and set up! I planned to take the area directly to the right as you come into the clearing. These sites are pretty rought and need some tending, but we will make it work.

See you tonight,

Dan McGuire


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