Hiking, anyone? Yes, please!!

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We had to do a bit of a camp/hike location change from the Cheeseman Reservoir since you can’t camp near the reservoir itself. No worries, since we have AllTrails which helps us find some really cool places, like the Tarryall area.

Below you will find our planned route for this weekend, which you can download and print out, or load into your hand dandy GPS units/phones, etc. for use this weekend.

Here is the plan:

We will link up at the Barn at 5pm and head out from there after cross loading Scouts and equipment. It is a 90 minute drive according to the Google Maps. That will put us there around 6:30pm or so (given traffic) and allow us nearly 2 hours time to hike in and set up camp somewhere in the back country. We will use the Signup genius as a roster, which means if you want to go, please sign up so we know to track you (in case you are late).

We can do a couple of things this weekend. 1) the map above is a 14.2 mile lollypop loop if we want to do the whole thing. 2) We can hike in a couple miles, get a few miles in on Saturday and hike out a couple miles on Sunday. It is all up to the Scout Leadership that attends this weekend. Younger Scouts: there is a 5 mile hike requirement for TF i believe. Hiking MB has a 5, three 10 milers, and a 15 miler (to be done in order) and then a 20 miler.

We can park at/near the Spruce Grove Campground just a bit up Tarryall Road.

BSA guidelines still have us in single person tents/hammocks, etc. and packing individual meals. That is such a bummer since I miss those days when we had intra-patrol cook offs. We will get back into that soon enough.

So for meals, you will need something for Friday night, BLD on Saturday and B on Sunday. Plus snacks-of course.

So, pack your stuff for two nights, bring enough water (at least 2 Nalgene size bottles) like always. Map recon suggests there is water along the way, but we will pack enough just to be sure in case there isn’t much out there. Which means, we will likely refill where we can from streams or puddles, or something like that. And for al that is kind in the world, please pack deodorant.

If you want to bring a hammock, great! If you need a hammock, tent, stove, backpack, or any other gear, let me know and we will hook you up. The troop has hammocks, Jet boils, tents, etc. so there will be no one that needs anything. The weather looks to be supportive of sleeping under the stars without a tent, so you can do that too (my plan).

If you are planning on doing something for a merit badge, do your research (AW-this is for you and the Wild Surv badge) and be ready for it (10 essentials is a must on all of our trips!!)

Dress accordingly for the weather! This is what it looks to be this weekend up near Lake George, which is pretty much the closest data we can get.

See you all on Friday!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please give me a shout via call or text. My email doesnt get read as often as it should! 228-8O6-9O63.


Dan McGuire


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