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The PLC asked me to post this information in preparation for tomorrow night’s Campout prep meeting. Links are at the bottom of this post.

Remember, you will be discussing your clothing and gear, as well as deciding on the menu for the weekend. Make sure if you are coming on the trip (NEXT WEEKEND 23-25 APR), you LET ME KNOW if you NEED a hammock. We are sleeping in individual tents/hammocks per covid rules. I have a few extras you can use. And sign up on the signup genius that I posted over the weekend.

Although the Scouts will create a meal plan as a troop, we are still in the “Yellow” status for meetings and all that, which means no “family style” eating or food preparation. If you need the rank requirement for advancement for planning and purchasing the meals, make sure you write all that stuff down, create the budget (we usually do $8-12/Scout/weekend campout), and then go shopping (stay on budget) and bring all that documentation to the next meeting so you can get credit for it.

Also, just a reminder for you in Leadership and those who want to be in Leadership positions, our website has a bunch of good information and links at your disposal under the “Scout Corner” tab at the top of the screen. Make sure you check it out. The resources there are for you as Scouts and as Scout Leaders. Remember that we (adult leaders) are there to help you along, not do all this for you. So, i encourage you to take a break from Youtube, Discord, or Minecraft and check out YOUR website!

See you guys tomorrow night.


Dan McGuire


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