If a Scout camps in the woods, and no leader sees it happen, does it really happen?

Dan McGuire —  July 21, 2020 — Leave a comment

Of course it does! Just make sure you are documenting your activities in your Scout handbook so we can review it and mark off the requirements when we actually get to meet up again.


As we continue to move through this Covid-19, social distancing, stay safe at home and everywhere else stuff, I encourage you to continue learning and Scouting. There are plenty of sites available through a quick Google search that will provide you with the resources to earn merit badges and rank advancement. Just let us know what your plans are and we will support them!

Tonight, again is a Zoom meeting, of course. I want to have you all think about a non-Scouting function to do “together”, but not “together”. Maybe a bike ride, hike, or something like that. Anyway, let me know. This can’t be an official Scout-sponsored gathering, it would be just for fun and volunteer based.

See you guys tonight!


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