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Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2013
By Andrea Warner
Discussion Items
Attendance: Jen Jiours, Kathy Kaelin, Andrea Warner and Dave Krzemien
Approval of Minutes (Nov 2012, Dec 2012) All approved.
February COH- Feb 19th set up at 530pm starts at 6pm Chilli cook off. Friends of scouting. Boys will be determining the theme of the COH and will do the flier for it. Per the minutes from Dec mtg, the boys at their planning meeting wanted to start have a theme to each COH. The committee asked Chris Swanson since Keith was not here to talk with the boys about the theme and let them know that they will need to do up the flier for it also. Jen will contact Dan with Friends of Scouting to determine the time for him. Committee will supply onions, Sour Cream, cheese, beverages, and the paper products, Jen will purchase all the items on committee behalf. Joyce will still do the program so please make sure you turn in all your blue cards to her.
Scoutmaster Report No report- Keith not in attendance- Jen will email keith to confirm dates that were given at last meeting
Advancements Report No report Joyce not in attendance but please make sure you have all your stuff updated with her before the COH
Treasurer’s Report
Scout raises– outcome after the presentation of keeping it to $1 verius $1.25 the committee decided on raises for the scouts of $1.25 per flag.
2013 Budget—new budget presented with raising dues to $84 from $72. Committee approved new budget with no increases in dues, keeping it to $72. The budget had to modifications but was approved. It will be available at the COH
Financial Information communication—treasure report will be given at each COH with also each scout account balances.
Scout balances—will be given at each COH
Recharter/Journey to Excellence—Jen and Kathy will be completing it after tonight’s meeting
Flags Discussion—Dave volunteered to help with the transition for the next volunteer. We are asking for parents who does not already hold a position within the troop to volunteer with this task. Please talk with Jen or Dave if you may be interested in volunteering. Flags is the main on going fundraiser that the boys received their funds for troop events which also include summer camps. It helps them pay for their journey to Eagle. Discussion about having a plan B for bad weather, it was decided that we have a plan B for the Veterans Day Flags and to disclose the plan when parents and scouts are signing up so they are aware that if weather does not permit an early morning route than you will have to be able to do a later morning route. This will prevent cancelling the flags all together, and keep the residences who purchase the flags and the rotary happy while keeping in mind the safety of our parent and scout volunteers.
Other items—Scholarship for the troop will be discuss at Feb committee meeting.
Scout Sunday Feb 10th sign up will be given to troop by scoutmaster. Committee will s supply cookies and lemonade. Kathy will be the POC for the refreshments.
Hut Trip March 25-27 POC Dave cost $100
Fundraiser with the council- Camp cards $5 each and profit will be $2.50 March 13th is the kick off and commitment by Jan 14th, Kathy will be the POC for this. More info to come.
Next Meeting – Tuesday February 12 – 6:30PM

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