June 2014 Troop Committee Minutes

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Hi there, 

Sorry it took me so long to get to this.  It has been a busy month. 

Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2013


Present were:  Kathy Kaelin, Dave Krzemien, Dan Rodriguez and Tom Sharp

Approval of Minutes: Dan moved to approve the May 2013 Minutes – Dave 2nd.  All voted to approve.    

Scoutmaster Report: No Report

Advancements Report:  Joyce was not present – Dave and Dan reported that Troopmaster is not updated.  Both Stefan and Andrew F had merit badges that have been awarded that were not in Troopmaster.  This needs to be discussed further when Joyce and Keith are present. 

Treasurer Report:  Kathy handed out the Treasurer Report. We are still within budget.  Joyce motioned to approve the Budget by Email – Dan 2nd – All voted in favor.    

Kathy reported that a scout has accepted the donated monies for the 2014 Philmont Trip.  This means we have our minimum number of scouts and adults signed up. 

Kathy presented the Scholarship Application Form for consideration.  There were many items to change discussed.  Kathy will make the changes and bring next month for the committee to consider again and this will be the basis for the Policy that needs to be written. 

Flags Discussion:  Kathy transferred the monies from the Flag Account to the Scout account based on the policy of even money distribution and $1.25 per Flag – AM and PM.  A breakdown of the distribution was emailed to the scouts participating.    

Other Items:

Applications – Completed and Stamped by Council: Kathy asked who is keeping the completed Scout and Adult Applications.  Tom should get the Charter Org copy and the Unit Copy goes to Dan who will update Troopmaster and then file in the filing cabinet.  Kathy turned in the applications that had been processed by Council for one of the new boys and the new committee member.    

New Parent Survey:  Kathy has two Parent Surveys – Committee decided they should go to the Committee Chair and Scoutmaster so they are aware of the potential of the new parents.    

Old Troop Files:  Kathy cleaned out the filing cabinet when the Troop’s items were moved to the new closet.  She is in the process of scanning the items for an electronic copy of the items and creating folders for the paperwork backup.  It was decided that if we have an electronic backup that the paper only needs to be kept for 2 years. 

Waldo Canyon Burn Scar Clean-Up:  Tom announced that Wilson Church is participating in a Clean Up on June 29th.  Scouts are asked to come with the Church.  Kathy will post this on the Website.   

Next Meeting – June 9th – 6:30 PM

BSA Troop 287


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