Lock-in prep!

Dan McGuire —  December 9, 2019 — Leave a comment
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Tomorrow night’s meeting will cover several items for the lock-in:

  1. Who is attending (see the sign-up genius in a previous post to sign up)
  2. What is being brought? (Games, game consoles, etc.)
  3. Who is going to earn the Fingerprinting MB?
  4. What are we going to eat? we had pizza last year, maybe too much?
  5. Will we invite Webelos? If we do, there are restrictions on them (they need to have their own adult leadership and supervision). Unless we give them a timeframe like 8-midnight or something like that.
  6. What are we doing for Game night next week?

All that being said, we will go through the church and assign what consoles go in what rooms and stuff like that.

A schedule of events will also be decided upon.


Dan McGuire


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