Mandatory Parent Flag Meeting

Sean Warner —  May 23, 2017 — Leave a comment


Since we have not done Flags for a while we are having a meeting for all the parents at 715pm at the barn behind the church tonight to orient you to the program. Attending this will help you understand the program and make execution of it easier.

Please Please Please all parents attend. This program is essential for the financial well being of the troop. The money raised in this program pays for all the awards, it paid for all your scouts membership this year, and it offsets many of the costs for our troop activities.

There are still many slots available on Memorial day flags. Please sign you scout up so he can make some money and support the program. Please sign up for Driver and Navigator to support the program.

After memorial day flags we will not have a parent Flag representative any longer. We desperately need someone to volunteer for this position. Unfortunately our current volunteers are very occupied with their current position.  Loosing this Flag programs would significantly hurt our troop and cost all of us a lot more money. Please consider volunteering for this position.

Thank you


Sean Warner


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