Meal plan for Bishop Castle backpacking trip

Ethan G —  September 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

Friday Dinner: Bring your own (Subway or something similar)

Saturday Breakfast: Mini muffins and oatmeal

Saturday Lunch: Bread, jelly, peanut butter, and granola bars

Saturday Dinner: Mountain House Meals and dessert cook off (Make sure dessert is purchased in accordance with scout decisions in the planning meeting)

Sunday Breakfast: Bagels and oatmeal

Snacks: Granola bars and trail mix

*Zip lock bags must be purchased to divide meals before hiking.


  • Evan R is buying the food for this trip. 8 Scouts are signed up. By food for 7 because one scout is on a special diet and will bring his own food. Budget is $12 per scout. There was an additional dessert cook off between patrols. Make the dessert cook off items are purchased in accordance with whatever the planning meeting decided.
  • Adults will bring their own food.
  • Scout’s can bring some of their own additional snacks if they choose.

Ethan G.

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Ethan G


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