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Here is an updated listing of available merit badges that I am a counselor for. i just updated my application and changed a few badges out. If you are interested in any of the badges below, let me know and we can start work on them. FYI: I always require the workbook to be completed before I sign off on the blue card; hand written or typed is fine. Maybe typed is better, I’ve tried to decipher some of your handwriting!

As a reminder for some of our new Scouts, the process for MBs is pretty simple: 1) Pick a badge, 2) get a blue card from the Scoutmaster (signed with start date), 3) find a counselor and conduct a meeting to go over the requirements (or, in some cases, show what you have already completed), 4) follow guidance from your counselor to complete the requirements to your counselor’s satisfaction, get initials/signatures/dates/contact info on the blue card from the counselor, 5) turn in the blue card to the Scoutmaster for recording, 6) reap the benefits of having an award ceremony for your accomplishments and look good in your uniform with your sash and neatly sewn on merit badges.

Merit Badge Choice #1: Archery – 19
Merit Badge Choice #2: Camping – 1
Merit Badge Choice #3: Citizenship in the Community – 2 (Eagle Required)
Merit Badge Choice #4: Crime Prevention – 131
Merit Badge Choice #5: Emergency Preparedness – 6 (Eagle Required)
Merit Badge Choice #6: Cycling – 39
Merit Badge Choice #7: Family Life – 129 (Eagle Required)
Merit Badge Choice #8: Home Repairs – 62
Merit Badge Choice #9: Fingerprinting – 49
Merit Badge Choice #10: Metalwork – 74
Merit Badge Choice #11: Personal Fitness – 10 (Eagle Required)
Merit Badge Choice #12: Public Speaking – 90
Merit Badge Choice #13: Safety – 12
Merit Badge Choice #14: Skating – 103
Merit Badge Choice #15: Woodwork – 119

Many of the other Adult Leaders are merit badge counselors as well for a bunch of different badges (ahem-Greg-Personal Finance-Eagle Required). If you have an interest in any of the 130+ badges, one of the adult leaders is likely a counselor for it. But, just in case we are not, do not hesitate reach out to the listing provided by the council to other MB counselors (but always remember the buddy system and YPT when doing so). I can provide the link if you have any issue finding it on the council site.

Talk to you guys soon.


Dan McGuire


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