New Names? New Patrols? What?!?!

Dan McGuire —  April 18, 2021 — Leave a comment
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It has been a couple of years since we created the current patrol names and stuff, and now the current Scout Leaders (as has been discussed) will be renaming the patrols, and possibly shifting members around.
This week’s meeting will be focused on the Patrol re-naming, but first, we will be finalizing the camping trip route and possible stopping points. We will likely hike out a couple miles, camp, continue the hike to the crash site and start our trek back Saturday night to a point close, but not too close to the end point to find a campsite. It is a pretty short and relaxing hike, so think we will have plenty of time to cover a lot of stuff, if desired (SM conferences, rank requirements, etc.)

Here is the sign up link for the camping this weekend (let me know if you need a hammock or other gear):

COVID Update: The State decided last week to allow counties to make decisions for COVID restrictions. As of right now, there have not been any changes, but that does not mean there wont be any between now and this weekend’s campout. I will check the council website (which your Scout leadership should do as well) on a daily basis to see if anything changes. I will also be in contact with council to see if there are any updates which have not been published.

Anyway, I will make another post after final decisions are made at this week’s meeting about the camping.


Dan McGuire


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