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Sean Warner —  September 16, 2016 — Leave a comment
Hello Troop 287!
The Kernel here. I just finished registering each scout for online popcorn sales! Here are some benefits: popcorn gets shipped right to the customers house (great for the troop). The customer pays online and it is easily tracked (greater for the troop). It makes it easy for you to track and meet/exceed your goals (greaterest for the troop)!!
Here’s how it works:
Family/friends/random people go to
They click the big red box that says ‘customers order here’
They type in the 10-digit code especially assigned to each scout (below)
They are brought to the catalogue  and buy popcorn from you! Wow how easy!
You can also go to that website and click the buttong below the red one that’s labeled ‘scouts log in here’. The information for that is also below, and it organized as such:
**the 10-digit code is the phone number on file** I will post the last 4 digits so everyone’s phone number isn’t posted**
The password to log on is the same phone number
Scout name — last 4 of phone number on file — username — password (same as 10-digit code)
Anders Schermack — 8312 — andersschermack
Avery Bolenbaugh — 9721 — averybolenbaugh
Benjamin Burling — 0412 — benjaminburling
Brady Gossage — 4988 — bradygossage
Brennan Simpson — 4347 — brennansimpson
Cody Peach — 0685 — codypeach
Daniel Diggs — 9190 — danieldiggs
Devyn Labriole — 9372 — devynlabriole
Evan Reeves — 0339 — evanreeves
Ian Miller — 5438 — ianmiller
Ignacio Huber — 3509 — ignaciohuber
Jack Durrenberger — 6835 — jackdurrenberger
James Moon — 8108 — jamesmoon
Joseph Blair — 6241 — josephblair
Josh Johnston — 7034 — joshjohnston
Jude Walker — 9697 — judewalker *Noah is different*
Kevin Ames — 0412 — kevinames
Lane Warner — 6798 — lancewarner
Marquel Edwards — 9684 — marqueledwards
Nathaniel Cuccaro — 9734 — nathanielcuccaro
Nicholas Grim — 3383 — nicholasgrim
Noah Walker — 9698 — noahwalker (number is the same except for last digit)
Preston Studebaker — 5995 — prestonstudebaker
Rhett Brinkman — 6675 — rhettbrinkman
Riley McNew — 6905 — rileymcnew
Skyler Waldin — 9243 — skylerwaldin
William Reeves — 1950 — williamreeves
An email was required to sign each scout up, and there isn’t one on file, so I used my own email, If your scout logs on and sees an ‘update contact information’ button, that would be great, despite how much I’d love to get an email each and every time a T287 scout makes a sale.
I have already typed in someone’s 10-digit code and know it works, as it says ‘You are purchasing for Firstname Lastname’ at the top of the page. I tried to log on to some of the scout’s page as well, and it didn’t register the username/password yet. I’m guessing it takes some time for it to register all the names I just input.
If anyone has and questions and doesn’t know which phone number that is, feel free to call, text, or email. Now lets get poppin’!
Blake McTee

Sean Warner


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