Pikes Peak Ascent Campout

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I’m am going to send the packing list and plan for the Pikes Peak Ascent and overnighter tonight. So far this is the list of adults and scouts signed up on the trip.  I have already paid for the Barr Camp lodging/Food and the ride down on the train so those on this list are responsible for the cost. I believe cost per adults is $68 and the cost per scout is $58. This is the $43 for the camping at Barr Camp which includes dinner and breakfast and the ride down on the train ($15 per scout, $25 per adult).

I have one additional Adult and one Additional Scout that would like to attend. If you would like to back out of this trip…the first adult and scout that contacts me will get their slot and will not have to pay.  Otherwise I will add them to the trip.

I will send a follow up post of the packing list, link up times/locations, and complete plan over the next couple of days.



Floyd S

Sean W

Paul D

Sandy J

Ted J

Julie C

Ryan C


Lance W
Josh J
Preston S
Ignacio H
Devyn L
Michael W
Jack D
Jude W
Noah W
Jacob J
Nicholas G
Riley C
Jacob C
Josiah C

Sean Warner


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