Pizza Pal Cards!

Dan McGuire —  February 27, 2020 — Leave a comment

For those who have Pizza Pal Cards, please turn them in to Mrs. Roxann Pharris. Also, turn in the money associated with the sales that you have done.

This action is due ASAP!!! We are moving into Camp Card Season. There is a lot of money (and cards) out there. Lets get this taken care of so your Scout’s efforts are awarded in their accounts. Basically, we need to reconcile the program.

If you are interested in the Pizza Pal Card Program, please see Mrs. Pharris. Basically, they are for Old Chicago Restaurants here in town. The cards cost $15 each, and the Scout gets 50% of the sales ($7.50). The Card is worth $30 of pizza at the restaurant.


Dan McGuire


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