Rifle Shooting Campout!

Dan McGuire —  March 9, 2020 — Leave a comment


This week we seem to have nice weather. We also have a few things to do at this week’s meeting:
1. Mr. Durrenberger will go over some of the Cit in the Community MB work that you guys were supposed to have completed (~30 min).
2. We need to complete Campout Prep. We have a reservation at Camp Cris Dobbins for Friday and Saturday nights. We also have a reservation for their Rifle Range all day on Saturday. (I am working the logistics of what Firearms we can use there – theirs or ours and stuff like that). Regardless, we are going to shoot some targets! (~30mins)
3. Have some fun and maybe get some requirements signed off by PLs and the SPL/ASPL.(~30mins)

Sign up here (timeline is in the signup):



Dan McGuire


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