Spring is in the Air!

Dan McGuire —  February 28, 2021 — Leave a comment


This coming week’s meeting is the first of the month, and that means uniform inspection and Rank ADV. There are a lot of Scouts who need to get stuff signed off in their handbooks by Scout leaders, then Adult Leaders.

We are allowed to be inside the church. There are rules that come with this access. We can be in the Sanctuary, (and no other room) and we will need to end a few minutes early to wipe down and sanitize any surfaces we touched/used and all that (restroom, etc.). We will have a duty roster set up for the cleaning responsibilities.

We also need to plan our first camping trip for the year! In years past, we have held a Family Camp at the Great Sand Dunes or another location. I would like to keep the tradition of the first campout of the year as a Family Camp

Here is the rub: Spring Break is (for most Schools) is 21-27 March. This means, our camping weekend for this month would be 12-14 March.

So, the PLC on Monday night will brainstorm ideas and bring them to the rest of the troop on Tuesday night for a final decision on where we will go camping. So, if you are part of the PLC, bring some ideas to the meeting tomorrow so you are not fumbling through making those decisions.

–Think of good places to do a Family Campout.Past Camps: Dinosaur Death March, Sand Dunes, etc.

–Also, we can think of other places that are new to us as a troop to explore like: Royal Gorge, Paint Mines, or somewhere your family may be familiar with. Come up with some ideas and bring them to the table.

I guess that is enough for now, talk to you guys later!


Dan McGuire


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