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We made it to the middle of the week and I just wanted to send a little update letting you know that all the scouts are still alive and well….at least for now 🙂  Some are a little scratched and bruised but they’re boys! It’s been really hot during the days but the nights have been awesome for sleeping.  These boys are going non-stop! I’m willing to bet they will be exhausted when they come home.

The first year scouts are doing well.  They have been enjoying their rank advancement activities and are on their overnighter tonight.  It’s super cool getting to know them and I love their positive attitude towards everything. We did a 5k run on camp and Riley, Mark and Jacob were the only scouts that would run it with me!….it was at 515am though 🙂

Anders, Ignacio, Even and Cody are loving the Canoeing Merit badge because they get to hang out in the pond all afternoon. Rhett, Avery and Preston and sharpening their aim on the rifle range every day. Daniel, Ignacio and Jack are getting their science on between their Nuclear Science and Space Exploration Merit Badges (be nice to these two because we might be working for them some day or they might save the planet!) Lance and Devyn focused on Eagle Merit Badges and Movie Making.

The Cadre are super cool here and have been scouting using a Knights of the Round Table Theme and they have been a lot of fun! The camp guide assigned to us comes to our camp every day and plays with the scouts.

The food is really good here too….I’m getting kinda fat! ….oh, and remember when I said the scouts would spend most of their money on candy and soda?….ummm, yep…it happened 🙂

So the internet is really slow and intermittent here. I can send a text or check an email but I am not really able to send photos. However I am taking them and will post them all at the end of the trip.




Sean Warner


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