Summer Camp at Cris Dobbins!

Dan McGuire —  June 10, 2021 — Leave a comment


I just spent the last hour or so (on Zoom) with the folks at Camp Cris Dobbins talking about our summer camp later this month. Here is the down and dirty on the info from the meeting:

  1. Every Youth must bring a signed copy of the last two pages of the linked document below. This is a COVID mitigation plan, and authorization to test for COVID. I will also have these printed out for signing on next week’s meeting and at Scout drop off for heading to camp. Scouts cannot attend camp without these forms signed.
  3. Masks are NOT REQUIRED when OUTSIDE and practicing social distancing of 6 feet or more. 95% of the activities are going to be outside.
  4. Bring 7-10 masks/face coverings/etc. for the week. Basically change masks when you change your underwear…wait, change masks everyday. disregard that underwear thing-i know how y’all roll.
  5. Since the programs are all outside and will have separation, it is recommended to bring a camp chair with you to each of your classes. Maybe a small hiking type chair is best, but you can make the call on what you want to carry around camp from class to class.
  6. Camp Docs should be all uploaded (access closes on 12 Jun).
  7. Merit Badge info is locked in, so if there is a desired change, we will have to deal with it at camp. We will have the schedules for the week in the next 48 hours or so.
  8. Merit Badge Fees (if any) will be compiled and paid at camp. If you owe fees, we can take it from your Scout account or get it paid prior to camp. In short-do not bring extra money to pay those fees.
  9. If you want to bring a bike to camp, you will have to sign an acknowledgement as to the biking rules of the camp. If you break any of the rules, you will not be allowed to continue using your bike. You will need to make sure we know about you bringing it ahead of time – like this coming meeting. We may not be able to accommodate a last minute barrage of bikes and get them all to camp if we are not prepared to transport them.
  10. Tents: Canvass tents are provided. No more than 2 Scouts allowed in each tent. You may bring your own tent to use, which is recommended by CDC, CCD, and all those other agencies that are pushing rules out about COVID. If you want to pitch your tent on one of the platforms that has a canvass tent on it, you can, we will just have to work that out when we get to camp.

I think that is all for now. If you have any questions ro comments, please let me know.


Dan McGuire


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