Summer Camp! It is upon us!

Dan McGuire —  June 14, 2019 — Leave a comment


Summer camp is here! At 1030, Sunday morning, we will meet up at the church (barn) to finish loading any required troop equipment and cross load personal gear into the vehicles we will be taking up to camp.

ASM Blake McTee will have seven seats available;

ASM Paul Durrenberger will have four seats available;

ASM Chris Gilkes will have two seats available;

SM Dan McGuire will have two seats available.

We can make decisions on who will ride where, but we will have limited ability to drive into camp all the way to our site.

Packing list if needed is available in the Cris Dobbins program guide (link at the top of the page to the 2019 Summer Camp).

Again, 1030, Sunday Morning at the barn.

See you then.


Dan McGuire


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