Summer Camp Merit Badge Schedule Released (Action Required by April 14th)

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You can now find the 2015 Merit Badge Schedule within the Leader’s Guide on Page 48-50.  Its a little confusing but if you study it for a few minutes you can figure it out.  Each day is broken down into three blocks, a morning, afternoon and evening block.  For example, Monday is M1 (Morning), M2 (Afternoon) and M3 (Evening). Tuesday is T1, T2, T3…etc.  It looks like Merit Badges encompass two blocks. For example, Wilderness Survival is offered on M2 (Monday Afternoon) and T2 (Tuesday Afternoon).  That means that if you chose Wilderness Survival your Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon is taken up with that leaving you the option to pick another merit badge in the mornings or evenings of Monday and Tuesday or any of the blocks on the Wednesday and Thursday. Does that make sense?…it will when you open the document.

Trail to First Class is offered either in the Mornings (9am-1130am) or in the afternoons (130pm-4pm) Monday through Thursday.  The way I read it is if you select the morning Trail to First Class, then you can have the option to take a merit badge in the afternoons. This would mean you could knock out two merit badges in addition to Trail to First Class.

So here is the nitty gritty.  The option to register merit badges will open in a couple of weeks. I need all the scouts to look at the options and decide this week which merit badges or activities you would like to do. Make sure you look at the requirements, for example, some might require an additional fee or an age requirement.

I need to know what merit badges you would like to take by the meeting on April 14th.  I need them turned into me by hand or emailed to me.  This will allow me to register your scout’s preferences the second the link becomes available. There are only so many slots to each merit badge and I guarantee the Texans that are going to summer camp will be quick on the trigger!

You can download a PDF version of the leader’s guide here or from the 2015 Summer Camp link at the top of the Page.

2015 Leader’s Guide

Sean Warner, ASM

Sean Warner


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