Summer Camp Pics and Update!

BSA Troop 287 —  June 17, 2016 — Leave a comment

It’s the last full day of Summer Camp and it looks like are going to survive! Yesterday was a tough day. It was long and hot. Many of the scouts were feeling the sun, were a little dehydrated and a feeling a little homesick (they miss their moms).  This is perfectly normal being so close to the end. Most everyone finished their merit badges. All the shooting sports Scouts earned their rifle, shotgun and archery merit badges. I believe all the new scouts earned their basketry, art, leatherwork and woodworking merit badges to include tenderfoot and second class rank achievements. The wilderness survival scouts spent the night in their shelters without sleeping bags last night! This morning four of use woke at 2:15 am to hike Blue Mountain to see the sunrise over Pikes Peak. These boys are getting tough!! I’m very proud of all your scouts and their accomplishments this week!  Tonight is Family Night…see yesterday’s post for information and we hope to see you at Camp A!

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BSA Troop 287


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