Summer Camp Preparations

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The two biggest preparation items that we need to focus on are Camp Physicals and Merit Badge selection for each of our scouts.

1.This is the exact form that scouts and leaders attending camp need to have filled out.  Parents can fill out parts A and B but a Health Care Provider must fill out part C.  No scout can go to summer camp without this  exact form: lestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_ABC.pdf . In addition to the physical, scout also need this Colorado Addendum form, Parents do not: 

2.  Scouts and Parents need to send their scout’s Merit Badge Selections to Paul D an Myself by May 1st.  Paul’s email is and mine is .  Please look at the Merit Badges starting on Page 10.

Here are the recommendations:

First Year Camper Program Ideas: First Class Center advancement, Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, Poery, Swimming, First Aid, and Woodcarving Merit Badges.

Second Year Camper Program Ideas: Anything not earned on the first year camper list, Camping, Fish & Wildlife Management, Fishing, Geology, Indian Lore, Mammal Study and Rifle Shoong merit badges. This program places its emphasis on merit badge work. Camp Alexander provides the unique seng for compleon of badges that can only be earned in the great outdoors.

Third and Fourth Year Camper Programs Ideas: Anything not earned on the first or second year camper lists: Archery, Astronomy, Canoeing, Climbing, Geo‐caching, Environmental Science, Lifesaving, Nature, Orienteering, Pioneering, Rowing, Shotgun Shoong, Weather, Wilderness Survival, Search and Rescue, Emergency Preparedness, ATV Rider Course, and Welding.

An example is:

Lance W (third year scout) would like to sign up for:

9am (Session 1):  Emergency Preparedness

1030am (Session 2): Camping

130pm (Session 3): Fishing

3pm (Session 4): ATV

A first year scout might look like:

9am (Session 1) and 1030am (Session 2): Tenderfoot & Second Class

130pm (Session 3) Monday and Tuesday – Art (2 day class), Wednesday and Thursday – Basketry (2 day class)

3pm (Session 4):  Monday and Tuesday – Leatherwork (2 day class), Wednesday and Thursday-

Woodcarving (2 day class).

  • If a first year scout would like to focus on more rank advancement than merit badges then he could also do the first class session instead of one or two of the merit badges.

Some other things to note: There is a whitewater rafting option. Not a merit badge but just for fun. We have to decide if we want to try for that at the next meeting.  This guide will also tell say that scouts need to rent cots. We have enough cots for everyone so that is not necessary.



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