Summer Camp Progress

Sean Warner —  April 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

OK!  Everyone got the Merit Badges they wanted for summer camp so we can check that one off the list.  Here are the next things to work on:

– The final payment for summer camp is due at the 28 April meeting.  For most, that amount is $137.50.

– Next work on getting your scout physical squared away. You can find the form link at the top of the page by clicking on Summer Camp 2015 then click on Health Form then Annual BSA Health and Medical Record, Parts A, B, and C.  If we are lucky, the links in this email will work but if not you know how to find the form.  You, as the parent will fill out part A and B, the doctor fills out part C.

– Finally, start getting the gear that you need for summer camp.

  • Complete Scout Uniform
  • Heavy Jacket or Sweatshirt
  • Cot or mattress (You can rent these at summer camp)
  • Hiking Shoes or Boots
  • Extra pants – both long and short
  • Six Pairs of Underwear
  • Six Pairs of Socks
  • Boy Scout Handbook
  • Pencil, Notebook, Stamps, Envelopes
  • CPR certification
  • Flashlight & Extra Batteries
  • Canteen or Plastic Water Bottle
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Hair Comb or Brush
  • Backpack, Duffel Bag or Camp Box to

    store gear

  • Pocket Knife & Totin’ Chip
  • Raincoat or Poncho
  • Tennis Shoes

    Optional Equipment: Extra Shirts, Hat, Pajamas, Bandanas, Watch, Daypack or Bag, Clothing Repair Kit, Toothpaste & Brush, Sun block, Sunglasses, Sleeping Bag, Towels, Chapstick, Closed-toed water shoes for aquatics merit badges, Spending money for Trading Post, Fishing Gear, Merit Badge Pamphlets, Alarm Clock, Insect Repellent, Camera, Rope for Clothesline, Swim Trunks, Backpack & Ground Cloth if you are planning an outpost overnight campout. Gloves, Long Pants, and Bandanna, if you are participating in Cope or Rock Climbing.

– The scout store has some pretty good deals on sleeping bags and backpacks.

Please call if you have any questions.


Sean Warner


Sean Warner


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