Summer Camp transit 6/16.

Dan McGuire —  June 7, 2019 — Leave a comment


On Sunday, 16 Jun, we head off to Summer Camp at Cris Dobbins, 22799 N Elbert Rd, Elbert, CO 80106. 

We are in need of drivers for the Scouts. I will have myself, Chris Gilkes and our two boys in my truck, pulling the trailer. 

We will need 13 more seats for the remaining Scouts. If you can, please sign up with as many seats as you can to deliver the Scouts to a place where you will not have to worry about them for a week. 

The drive is about 55 mins according to Google, which is on the internet, so it is never wrong.

Here is the link for drivers. Bear with me, as I may have to adjust the sign up genius since I am not well versed at this quite yet.


Dan McGuire


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