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Sean Warner —  May 19, 2017 — Leave a comment


We are all signed up for Merit Badges and some of you have already sent me physicals by email.  I would ask that you also please bring in a COPY of the physical to a meeting.

In addition to a physical, you must fill out this Colorado Addendum form. Here the URL incase the link doesn’t work:

This is basically the same as the shot record portion of the scout physical and all you need to do is transpose the shot history to this form. Parents sign this and it does not need to be filled out by a physician/medical provider so its really easy.

Also, I noticed that I am the only adult signed up for summer camp.  We need to have at least two adults there at all times.  Also, I can do summer camp from Sun-Thur and need someone to fill in the last two days on Fri-Sat because I have two triathlons I’m doing that weekend. We don’t need the same adults there the whole summer camp….but we need two Adults there the entire time.  This is a great opportunity to see your scout having fun for a couple of days or more. Please sign up up for at least a few days.  Without two adults….we cannot go to summer camp and I know we will not let that happen!

There is no cost for Adults for summer camp as long as we only have two there at any one time. Adults also need to have their physical done.

Please call with any questions.


Sean Warner


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