Summer Camp Update – Driver’s Needed for Pick up Tomorrow

Sean Warner —  June 22, 2018 — Leave a comment

Just a reminder that we need enough drivers to bring scouts home tomorrow morning.  If you can help with this please confirm with me by texting (719-648-6798)  or email A couple of scout will be departing with their parents tonight because they have sports in the morning, but if they do not have an activity tomorrow morning then I encourage you to let your scouts depart tomorrow morning so they can help with check out and clean up…and get the extra night of camping.


Here is the daily update from Dan McGuire!

“Good Friday morning, Parents! 

Today is our final day in Camp! The Scouts will be making up any missed requirements from this week. We already have bunches of badges earned including one camper who spent the night alone in the woods last night for Wilderness Survival (he came back unharmed this morning), several Scouts who evacuated “injured” campers for Emergency Preparedness, a few crack shots in Rifle, Shotgun, and Archery. Just in case of injury, several of our Scouts earned their First Aid and have actually put it to use this week (minor scrapes). A few Scouts spent time improving Camp Alexander with a service project, earning hours toward rank advancement. Others spent about 40 mins to earn their Mining and Society MB. With Orienteering MB, Search and Rescue MB and Life Saving MB earned, we will be prepared to conquer our next Troop adventure. To document the camp, a few Scouts earned their Photography MB. In case of hunger, a couple boys earned their Fishing MB. Rock Climbing was also completed. We have a couple of Scouts who gazed at the stars and earned their Astronomy MB which culminated with a midnight hike which ended just after 1 am. On a nightly basis, the knowledge gained by our skilled Scouts during the day was passed along using the EDGE method of instruction to spread the knowledge and ensure rank requirements were completed, which served to solidify first and second tier learning. And finally, we now have Scouts qualified in Mammal Studies MB just in case we encounter other fuzzy animals along the trail. Tonight at our closing ceremonial camp fire, our Troop is performing two skits, so please come out if you can to make sure there is someone in the crowd to applaud them. If I missed a MB, i will blame it on too little sleep and too much food from the chow hall. 

Dan McGuire”

Sean Warner


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