Summer Camp Update/Reminder’s

Sean Warner —  May 31, 2015 — Leave a comment

Summer Campers,

Please bring your completed Boy Scout Physicals and Colorado Immunization form to the June 2nd Meeting to turn into me.  If you are not able to meet this suspense then please provide an update to me personally.

Also, I found out that the troop can pay for merit badges and rental cots online. I think this is a better option to mitigate the chance of your scout or me loosing or misplacing cash on the way to summer camp. If you saw how disorganized admistratively I am at home you’d realize how much safer your son’s money would be by paying online 🙂

So please see the amounts for merit badges below and make check’s payable to Troop 287. If you do not want a cot, then subtract $5 and let me know what you do not want a cot. He can bring his own or sleep on his sleeping mat but I recommend the comfort of the cot.

Here are the costs that I am tracking for Merit Badges, plus $5 for a rental cot:

Nate C: Rifle $5 + Cot = $10

Brady G: Robotics $5 + Cot =$10

Josh J: Climbing $10 + Cot = $15

Devyn L: Fishing $2 + Cot = $7

Jaxon M: Fly Fishing $5 + Archery $2 + Climbing $10 + Cot = $22

Jacon M: Robotics $5 + Rifle $5 +Cot = $15

Cody P: Rifle $5 + Fishing $2 + Cot = $12

Kole S: Rife $5 +Cost = $10

Noah W: Archery $2 + Climbing $10 + Shotgun $20 + Cot = $37

Lance W: Robotics $5 + Cot = $10

Carson R: Cot = $5

Brennon S: Fishing $2 + Cot = $7

Kevin A: Robotic $5 + Rifle $5 + Cot = $15

Attached is an excel form with the complete break down of registered Merit Badges and Activities.  I also believe there is an additional fee for Trail to First Class of about $15 but I have to confirm that still.

Troop287 Registrations (Without Last Names)


Cell: 719-648-6798


Sean Warner


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