Summer Camp!

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We are all set for summer camp! Just a reminder to be at the church on Sunday at NOON.  We must check out of Camp on Saturday the 24th at 10am and need volunteers to help drive the scouts back to the Church. Most likely we will be back at the church by 10 and would need drivers to come to camp around 830am.

I have all the paperwork. If I found something missing then I should have contacted you directly. Thank you to all the parents that worked hard to get all those physicals and paperwork done.

If you can drive to camp then please come to the church

Here are some reminders:

Scouts are to travel in Class A’s

Peaceful Valley Headquarters Number: 303.648.3023 (In case of emergencies)

Here is the address if you want to send your scout a letter:

Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch
Name of camp attending
Name of participant, Troop Number PO Box 97
Elbert, Colorado 80106-0097

Visitation: Visitors are welcome at any time during the week, but if possible, should make prior arrangements with the unit’s Camp Scoutmaster or Cubmaster. All visitors must check in and out at the specific camp office they are visiting when arriving and leaving camp, and must follow all camp policies. Vehicles must be parked in the parking lot, and not at campsites. There are no facilities or camping areas available for visitors or family members to stay overnight, and program facilities are not available for use by visitors when camp is in session.

Meal fees for visitors staying under 24 hours are $6 for breakfast, $7 for lunch and $8 for dinner ($8.50 for Friday Family Night at the Boy Scout camps), and tickets can be obtain upon check-in. If you plan on staying for any meals, with the exception of family night, please email the Ranch Director, Megan Houghton, at at least 24 hours in advance. Be sure to know the troop or pack, and if possible, the patrol, you are planning to eat with.

Friday is designated as family night at the Boy Scout camps. Families of Scouts are encourage to visit, eat supper with their Scout, and join us for the Friday night closing campfire. Camp Scoutmasters should be prepared to provide the camp with an approximate count by mid-week, so we can ensure enough food is prepared. Dinner starts at 4:30 p.m., but you may arrive at point throughout the day on Friday. All visitors must sign in upon arrival. Meal tickets can be obtained at the office upon check-in and cost $8.50. Children 4 years old and younger eat for free on family night only.

Medications: All medications must be in original containers, marked with the Scout’s name and troop/ pack number on the package with original medication information. Daily pill containers are not permitted under Colorado Law. Please do not cover up the instructions on the medication. Dosages and schedules to be followed in camp must be the same as on the package, and any changes must be stated in writing from the prescribing doctor. Medication in non-original containers will not be accepted. Please send only enough medication for the doses that will be administered for the week, plus a little extra.



Sean Warner


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