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Traditionally, we have a game night the week after a campout, but this time we are going to switch it up. Mostly because we forgot to decide on what to do last week, but also, because a couple of new Scouts may be coming tomorrow. We will hold game night next week, since we have five meetings this month.

So this is what I think should happen: Admin stuff at the beginning, then roll into annual planning brainstorm session. Then an IPA. Mr Petree and myself will be available for signing your books for what rank completions you did this last weekend, or whenever. I think Scoutbook is updated for the Scouts who attended the campout, but I want to make sure. Also, if you need a SM Conference, I will be available for that as well, as will other ASMs (Mr Petree, Mr Gilkes, etc.).

In addition, you will have to make a decision on what we are going to do for game night, on the 29th. Basically, we are just flip-flopping this week and next week.

Here is what we are looking at for annual planning:

-We need three options for day trips (Nov, Jan [usually Monarch ski day], and an extra one just in case
-We need 8 options for camping (at least two cold weather themed options) and one family camp location; these camp ideas should include the type of camping (car, base camp, through hikes, loops, etc.)
-Need to make a decision on Summer Camp for next year (we usually stay in-state, but can venture out of state if you like, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, etc.).
-We need 10 options for Game nights.

We are not doing high adventure next year (all booked out until second week of August), so we should put our fund raising efforts into a cool summer camp experience.

Please brain storm and bring a few ideas. Nothing is really off the table at this point. We (the adults) want your ideas so we can tag adult support for each of them.

Over the past couple of years, we have had a calendar that looks something like this:
JAN: ski day
FEB: Freez-O-Ree or Snow Sports campout (cabin/snow hut, etc.)
MAR: Sand Dunes/Family Campout (car camp)
APR: Hike: through or loop
MAY: Hike: through or loop
JUN: Summer camp
JUL: Hike: through or loop
AUG: base camp/fishing, etc.
SEP: 14er campout
OCT: Fall campout/hike
NOV: No campout-Day trip
DEC: Lock-in

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