Tonight’s meeting 7/2

Dan McGuire —  July 2, 2019 — Leave a comment


Tonight I would like for the you guys to work on a rank progress outline. This is already in your Scoutbook, however, I would like you as individuals to lean a little more forward and plan on how you are going to progress either toward ranks or merit badge completion. I can give a little guidance, but I would prefer if you came up with your own method that will work for you.


If you have any photos from Summer Camp 2019, please feel free to share via Google Photos, or email them to me and I will drop them in there. I am still learning that process, so bear with me on that one!

Next week is 14er camp prep, and since the third week of the month falls onto our post campout game night, we will move our uniform inspection to next week. Sign up here:

4th of July Flags is this Thursday. There is a need for some slots to be filled, so take a look where you can help out. Only two more to go after this one (Labor Day and Veterans Day).

I probably forgot something.


Dan McGuire


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