Tuesday’s Meeting, Camping Pics, and More Info….

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This Tuesday’s meeting is going to work on the Citizenship on the Nation MB and I would like to start at 630pm if that is ok. I would like to knock out some rank advancement for the younger scouts as well!  So the meeting would be from 630-830.

We had an AMAZING campout at the Great Sand Dunes.  The Boy led methodology is really coming along. The planning was better, the food was awesome, and the activities were super fun! The patrols are really starting to work well together. However, there is always something we can improve on. I talked to the SPL and ASPL on the way home and they stated these improvements for the next campout:

  • Planning: Time constraints for planning each parts of the campout. We don’t need to spend 45 min planning a menu. Delegate more responsibility to the Patrol Leaders.  Plan rank advancement activities into the campout. There are SPL and Patrol leader planning checklist on the website in Scout Corner and those should be used.
  • Cooking: This part went really well. We need some cleaning supplies in the Patrol Boxes and we need to organize them better.
  • Hiking: Scouts should carry their own gear. Its important that scouts learn the lessons of packing properly…or improperly.  Troop great will be distributed among the scouts.

Here are some sustains:

  • Food planning was spot on. Meals were yummy and had variety.  Patrols worked well together on camping.
  • Patrols were better organized than in the past. This made all the leadership work better.
  • Scouts really put forth great physical effort and mental determination to get to the highest Sand Dune while having fun.  We learned that you can do anything you set your mind too!!

Here is the link to pics from the campout: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kSuWYcsxf2wxaIJK2

Also, I apologize for the late post on the awesome Freez-O-Ree Pics that Mr. Ray took but here is the link to those as well!!  https://photos.app.goo.gl/x6ZASGd1OLJbaop93

All photos can also be accessed on the top of the page under “Photos”


Order of the Arrow:  Order of the Arrow is the Honor society of Boy Scouts.  The Council Representative will be coming to the Troop on the 17th to hold a vote for those that can attend the ordeal. You must have 20 nights of camping with Boy Scouts to attend the ordeal but anyone can vote. We must have some paper complete on Tuesday for those that are eligible on Tuesday. All scouts can vote!  Here is some more information on the OA.  https://oa-bsa.org


Battlefield Colorado:  Our next game night will be on the 24th and it will be at Battlefield Colorado at 6pm.  If you liked the laser tag we did at the last game night then you will love this. This is laser tag on steroids.  They own almost a whole city block that we can use and they will give us numerous scenarios to do.  The cost is $24 per person. Adults can play. I will play!! It will be for about 90 minutes of super fun!!  Here is a link to their website http://battlefieldcolorado.com.  For those that want to go, please fill out the on line waiver with them prior to the 24th.  http://battlefieldcolorado.com/waiver/

Don’t worry about the 12 year old age limit. I talked to them and they said we are good. I’m hoping we can get 15 players.

Summer Camp: Please look at the link for Summer Camp 2018 at the top of the page. Scouts need to get a physical done and plan out what merit badges they want to do soon!  Please download the leaders guide there. It has all the instructions for both.  I will send another post soon just about summer camp but it will be here sooner than you think!


Sean Warner


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